Peter's Diet Log

I decided since I am sometimes making excuses for why I eat something I shouldn’t I figured I should make a Diet log to stay honest.

I will offically start the log on sunday because today was mothers day and Went to a Family gathering… Many things I would never touch normally… In the end… Very sick to my stomach and not feeling good at all so im recommitted to the diet as of tomorrow

Positive… I hit 25 (real) push ups today… not bad for a fat ass

Normal day
breakfast: 3 eggs and water (sinus problem usually make me sick to my stomach in the morning)
protein shake
protein shake
(im in school from 7-2 and sometimes have stuff to do until 3:30)
Mid afternoon meal
lean meat and steamed veggies (chicken, pork chops or beef)
(membership activated on monday)
lean meat and veggies
anything healthy… usually lean meat and veggies though
try to go to sleep around 9:30 or 10:00
5:30ish (snooze is my best friend)

I restarted a failed attempted at a diet\workout program (a full month of a sinus infection really hurt my motivation)
Officially start: may 1st 08
week one: lost over 8lbs as of friday :smiley:

Workout program
Chad Waterbury 10X3 method
start listing weights ect… on monday