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Peter Steele Dead at 48


No one sounded like Type O.

Something about listening to them summers in Coney Island growing up that makes me feel like a part of my youth is gone.

It seemed like they were making a comeback, oh well.


Holy shit. I remember listening to Black No. 1 up in my friend's attic when we were in high school--with the black light on, all of us high on weed and mini-thins and wearing our jnkos and band T-shirts and skeleton rings.

Great music for a great time in my life. This made me sad. "Hey, Pete"--Rest in Peace bro.


I am lucky enough to have a great metal radio station in my area, and they played "Everything Dies" this morning on my way to work.

I almost had to pull over.


This sucks.

Just recently I had a friend pass away and that morning, on my way to work "Everything Dies" by Type O Negative came on and started playing.

I thought about the perfect timing and mentally thanked them for making such a good song as it helped me deal with my friends death a little better (the 10th friend I've lost since turning 17, I'm now 23.)

Well, like the lyrics say... Everything Dies... Thanks for helping me in a tough time Peter.


I play this song at any bar that has a digital jukebox. Everytime. RIP.





Fuck. RIP. I wasn't a fan of Type O but I loved Carnivore. I still listen to that shit in the gym on a regular basis.


Thank you sir.


"Money wrench in my hand
in my groin a swollen gland
tonight perform brain surgery
or some gynecology..."

If you can't eat it or fuck it....THEN KILL IT!!!!