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Peter Schiff Super Money Bomb



I will be sending $50.

This is a little early I know, but we have got to get the word out.


Can you send $50 my way?



The rich get richer.


well it would be nice to get rid of dodd . . . but i am skeptical that he is going to be able to do everything he claims. I mean if he could, wouldnt ron paul have alread taken care of mess?


Ron Paul is one guy, and he is trying his hardest to get the Fed audited. If this country gets Peter Schiff and Rand paul, and others who think like them we can fix this mess.


Silly statement. Obviously the rich are better at building wealth so yes they often do get richer.

If the poor were so great at it they would not be called poor in the first place.

This makes no reference to whether those poor were made poor by intervention or not. Those whom were once rich but then became poor can in fact become rich again and often do.

Government welfare subsidizes poverty so many do take the path of least resistance and enter poverty willingly. So what?


People enter poverty willingly?

Did you really just type that?

What's your background, if you don't mind me asking?


I knew a LOT of people like that. Most poor people are kind of deserving of their status too, IMHO.


They may not know they are willingly entering poverty by the choices they make but they willingly make those choices which lead to poverty, nonetheless.

Poverty is mostly voluntary.


If you want to help him, you should contact the webpage and let them know they misspelled 'militia'.


Agree with both of you. I treat the poor. Most are lazy and stupid and chose their life or get there by bad decisions, ie, stupid.

When I mean both, i mean maximus also.


There are no rich or poor people. Just more or less efficient conduits of wealth.
"Rich" and "poor" are instantaneous evaluations of the control of property. They are temporary human conditions not identities belonging to individuals.
An individual is constantly managing the transfer of wealth to become more or less efficient.


*For Adults.


I agree, like when a baby volunteers too come out of the vagina of a poor mother,lives in a shitty crime infested neighborhood and attends an overcrowded, underfunded public school, then if they're one of the few that graduate good luck coming up with the money to attend college.

I do think that everyone controls there own destiny,but upward mobilility is becoming more and more difficult for children born into poverty while those of the rich very seldom fall into it.


Ever hear the old saying "It takes money to make money"?

Government welfare subsidizes the rich as well. Think of all the massive subsidies going to huge farming conglomerates, or the bank bailouts, the Savings & Loan bailout, or just garden variety low-or-no interest government loans. There are plenty of wealthy people getting government assistance too. Tell me you want to get rid of corporate welfare, and I might these kinds of diatribes more seriously.


Who pays lawyers to find tax loopholes so they don't have to pay their fair share?

Who sends their money abroad to offshore accounts so that it won't be taxed?

Who puts houses/cars/bank accounts in their wives' names so they can hide their true wealth?

Who hides their valuables in secret safety deposit boxes?

Yes, you've guessed it! THE POOR! Yay!

Whereas every dollar of the rich person's wealth goes straight back into the economy in the form of food, rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, pension/college funds, car payments, overdraft charges, etc.

Oh, wait! I think I might have got that the wrong way round.


So a child can never decide to get out of poverty once he becomes an adult?

Would you enslave your own poverty stricken child with these beliefs?

Yes, I agree some parents choose poverty for their children too but that doesn't mean that child will be necessarily bound to that life.


So what?!

Obviously the poor have no need to do any of these things you stated above.

Why does a poor person need tax loopholes? He doesn't pay taxes.

Why would a poor person have an offshore account? He is lucky if he even has a regular domestic account.

Why would a poor person hide their wealth in their spouses name when they have no wealth to hide?

So basically we are back at your original tautological statement: the rich get richer.

Do you think about what you type before you do?


Every cent of the poor person's money goes back into the economy.

Not so with rich people.

Have I simplified it enough for you now?

Since you seem to think that 'government welfare subsidizes poverty', implying that the 'have-nots' are riding on the coat-tails of the 'haves'. The rich do as little as they can get away with.


You think rich people don't put all of their money back into the economy....really?!

Who is it that invests all their money into entrepreneurial enterprises to bring about new businesses...oh yes, that is it...poor people do it.

You do not even get that ALL money goes back into the economy whether it is spent on consumer goods, goes into a savings account to be invested by some capitalist, or whether it is spent on stocks with which a business will expand its production.

Heck, in the US poor people only spend their money on Chinese goods...a lot of good that does for the average American citizen. So what if they spend all of their money?! It doesn't make people here better off in the long run -- especially when most of the money they spend is not theirs but rather credit.

Do us a favor and pick up some economics books -- preferably of the Austrian bent.