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Peter Schiff on Jon Stewart


Not a fan of Stewart's but god damn it...... It's about god damn time that Schiff gets some prime time recognition.

I hate to admit this but.... Thank you Jon Stewart!


Here is a link that actually works:



Yeah, but he forgot about the multipliers. That's the secret of the stimulus.


I think he got the essential facts right. The stimulus is a load of crap foisted on the American people.


Joking, right?


Um, yeah, he's joking.

Original video's been removed, here's a new link. Camera sucks but audios ok.


you guys should know me well enough by now.


Profile pic says a lot.


I think Shiff is absolutely right in his assessments that the east is going to buy out of the dollar and take the loss.
China must realize by now that they have to stop pushing themselves more and more overweight U.S. treasuries or they'll risk being the last one holding the bag.

What do you guys think about the recent public statements made by Japan and Russia supporting the dollar?
Here's what Schiff had to say about that...

I think Shiff is half-right here but that this is yet another sign of the stars aligning for the destruction on the U.S. dollar.



Schiff for senate.


Hmmmm....Schiff or Dodd. Yeah, that's a tough one. I am going to have to think about that one.