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Peter Schiff Money Bomb




10,000 more till he breaks 1 million. 1.5 says he is in it no questions asked, doesn't look like he is going to get it but if he breaks a million he is more then likely going to run.

I donated $25

Calling on T-Nation for help.


While I may personally like the "common sense" things that Schiff and Ron Paul have to say... when pushed for specifics on how to institute the sweeping changes they suggest...and on a wide array of Social and International Issues that a President has to deal with in a very diverse Nation and complex World...

The all begin to show signs of "Ross-Perot-itis"...

The early signs are:

1) Great reasoning and simple "common-sense" solutions to extremely complex problems.

2) Great at pointing out the defects in how things are currently done, but short in details for the remedy for these complex problems.

3) An uneasiness when discussing solutions to complex social and international problems.

I wish him luck in his Quest.



There solution is the Constitution. Solutions really can be simple, in terms of the federal government all they have to do is follow the constitution.

Schiff has told us time and time again how to fix the economy, simply because we do not listen to him does not mean he is not saying it.

What the government needs is common sense, and who better to bring it too them.


I agree but we've dug ourselves a big hole. Everything would need to be unwound. It wouldn't be possible or wise to just unilaterally cancel all the bad policies we've built up the past 60 or 70 years.

We all know social security is broke, its a bad system, but what is schiffs plan to fix it? Tell everyone thats depending on it, sorry you're SOL?

I want to see some plans how hes going to change things.

And he needs a better campaign director.


Schiff has never advocated flat out cancelling social security. The idea is to phase it out so that those who have been investing in the scheme for 40+ years still receive a benefit. Younger people may lose everything they have put in it, but most under 50 would be perfectly comfortable with that if it means no longer paying the tax. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/mood_of_america_archive/social_security/49_say_workers_should_be_able_to_opt_out_of_social_security

Before we can start phasing it out, we must reform it back to it's original purpose or it will go broke before real reform is possible. That is, we must start regarding social security as old age insurance and not as a retirement plan. That requires raising the age at which one can start collecting benefits significantly. Social security should not be allowed to be collected upon until one is physically unable to work.

P.S. Don't forget Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, candidate for U.S. senate in Kentucky.


That is because the real solution does not come from politics except in trying to pull back the reigns of Big Government.

The real solution exists in the minds of free individuals making choices in their own best interest sans intervention.


Be careful with Schiff. Study their family Dynasty and know who you;re dealing with. Schiffs are a banker Family and war profiteers. Know them well. They name is part of Nobility, Know the descendants.


Big deal. Everyone who is anyone had parents who were someone. That's just plain common sense.


What does any one person do when money gets tight? They conserve their spending and try to increase their income. Why this simple idea has passed over the White House is beyond me. I would however watch how to increase income, with the economy being so slow. Letting consumers (the people) keep as much of their money in their hands will help to recycle it back into the economy through the purchase of goods and services.

Hey my name is part of Nobility and I make shit better.


Exactly, I would glady give up what I have paid into SS if it means I will no longer have to pay into it. I am 24 and am saving for my own reitrement, it would be nice to have the extra tax dollars that would have gone to ss to use to save.


I didn't say he did. Im sure he doesn't want to do that. I'm saying I don't know what he wants to do with it. Hes got to have a proposal.


Why does Schiff need 1M exactly, or he wont run? And what if he doesn't get to that amount? Will he refund my money or keep it?

It looks like he's only about 1500 short of 1M, so I'm not too concerned. I am usually sceptical of these "money bombs", I know the Ron Paul campaign raked in boatloads of cash using several of them.


What state is Schiff running in?


Connecticut, he's trying to get Chris Dodd's seat.


He wants 1.5 mill. But he said right now he is leaning in favor of running, and if he gets over a million he is more then likely running.

as I was typing this, I went to the website, He is over 1 million! That's more then any republican ever has earned in a quarter, and the quarter is about half way through.


Ummm OK.


Well, come on! How can a man be faulted for who his relatives are?! Does that make any sense?

The man who raised him, his father, is a true hero though. He is in prison for not allowing the government to steal is income.