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Peter Schiff Destroy's Glenn Beck



Glenn Beck is an entertainer. That is all.


A better title for your post would have been "Peter Schiff Bitches About Glenn Beck"

I guess it's pretty easy to "destroy" someone when they are not there to defend themselves. If any of this is true you basically have someone who attacked the major sponsor of a television/radio show and then expects to be booked on said program. I think Schiff is an idiot for thinking that he can lie about a sponsor and then expect to be a guest on that sponsor's show.

By the way I think Schiff is an idiot. And if you look back at some of his predictions, while he's been correct in the past he's also been far, far off the mark.

But I understand that fascination that you Paulies have with Schiff.


So you think it is ok for a guy to make his entire show about Honor then turn around and reccomend an plac e that charges a minimum 77.5% mark up. And I have Peter Schiffs book, Crash Proof 2.0, where exactly has he been wrong?


That some people seem to think is some kind of intellectual authority. Frightening.


I am not saying he is not right about a lot of things, because recent history has shown that he is right alot of the times.

But he is a hypocrite.


He is an authority somewhere above Jon Stewart who seems to do pretty well with the booger picking set.


Point out exactly why you think he's a hypocrite. And I hope you are not foolish enough to think that gold deal puts him in that category, it doesn't. He's an entertainer selling a product. Did he ever say that it was the cheapest place to purchase gold? Besides, if you ever bought gold, which you have not because you are young and poor, you'd know that gold prices vary greatly with various extra's being thrown in for those who pay a higher premium.

So who cares if Beck doesn't have Schiff on his show anymore because Schiff disrespected the main sponsor? Who cares? It doesn't make Beck any more wrong than it does Schiff. If I had a radio show and was hawking a certain brand of bicycles and someone who I had on the show ran the product into the ground I wouldn't have him back either. Honestly you can't figure this out for yourself? You are disappointing me.

I know you have some serious man love issues for Schiff and your main hero Ron Paul. But in the process try not using the slash and burn method. You'll look a lot smarter in the end.


He has said many times that Goldline is the most trusted Gold source, it is not. It doesn't matter if I buy silver or gold there are many better places to get Gold/Silver at much cheaper prices.

The idiots that bought off Goldline when he recommended them when gold was 800 dollars and ounce still haven't made money. Now if he had chosen a better company his audience would have actually made money.

Not discrediting a lot of what he says, but he has no right to talk about honor after this, because he is not an honorable man.

I mean for fuck sakes you could go to a state bank and get better prices then Goldline.


Whats even more frightening is the amount of people look to Stewart some kind of intellectual authority.


Why do you equate being the cheapest to being the best. Is it because in your world unless you have the cheapest product you don't consider a purchase? In fact more times than not the cheapest is not the best. The best is usually more expensive. Sometimes the best have a system in place for buy backs and paid shipping etc. Also, because Glenn Becks thinks Goldline is the best doesn't mean that they are the best. How many times have you heard endorsements from some very serious people claiming that one product or service is better than the others. Many times they're right, sometimes they're wrong at least in my opinion. But the important part is that they believe what they are saying is in fact true. Stop thinking like a kid, you're better than this John.

I think Beck is an honorable man. But either way him touting a sponsor as being the best does not make him dishonorable. In his opinion they are the best. Goldline is a very reputable company. Is it the cheapest? I have no idea, but then again Beck never claimed that it was the cheapest.

Did you ever think that he's a bit ticked off because he's lost visibility because Beck no longer has him on the show? And that he's slamming Beck because visibility equals dollars?

Everyone wants to make a buck John, Beck, Schiff, me and every other adult. Get off Schiff's lap for a while and get some air.


people who simply want gold bullion should not be buying from goldline. they sell coins with intrinsic value. I dont listen to beck a lot, but he does point this out from what I can remember. now i dont expect the average person to understand that, but i do expect schiff to know the difference.

The point is that if you are buying gold with idea of protecting you against a second great depression, you want gold with intrinsic value - not gold bullion. The reason is that if gold is confiscated like it was in the 1930's the government will likely draw the line with gold with intrinsic value. The reason for that is that if they did not draw the line their they would be ripping the rings off of every married lady in america, and my bet is that would not go over to well.

this is strategy used by a lot of extremely wealthy families. my brother-in-law is a goldsmith, and most of his business comes from very wealthy families hiring him to make gold items because they inherently have intrinsic value. its a way for them to assure money wont be confiscated. an extra added benefit is that gold is more easy to hide when it comes to inheritance, gifts, and the like.

i dont personally buy gold, i figure that if things get that bad, a good garden will be worth a whole heck of a lot more. You cant eat gold, and gold means nothing once your dead.


Glenn Beck is also an asshole :slight_smile: Hey i have to agree with the guy that says Schiff sounds like a cry baby


I think Schiff is a smart guy, but it sounds like he has a case of the butthurt here. Why waste time with Beck anyway?

Another thing, Schiff really has no business calling anyone a "greedy hypocrite". I do think he's worth listening to, but for a guy that's sooooooo bearish on the dollar - he sure doesn't mind holding on to 70 Million of them.


Romney/Beck 2012!


Agreed.... he just sounds like a little bitch, wasting time on such trivial matters...


Where's that Booky


I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.


Then Obama/Biden must have made you ill for months.


Truth told, they all make me a little ill.