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Peter Schiff Announces Senate Run



Say what you want about his views on investing (pushing gold, etc.), but I'd vote for this guy in a heartbeat.


He chooses gold because it is a sure bet.


Great news. I hope he wins, he's exactly the kind of "voice of reason" our dipshit Congress has needed for a long time.


Do you think 1 member of the senate will be enough? I mean, he can spout all the common sense he wants, but that doesn't mean anyone will listen.

I guess it's a start, at least.


Not like much will come out of him being a senator. It's not going to change the direction this country is moving.


True, but it does set a certain example for others out there who are like minded and so inclined. I wish him the best.


If he win in CT it will show the rest of the country that people can rally behind him for REAL change this country needs.

Hopefully his example can get other like-minded people and voters to go out and make a difference in their respective states.


Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son, is also running for U.S. senator in the state of Kentucky. I realize two still won't have much pull, but it's a start.


I just want him to fuck up Chris Dodd.



Peter Schiff on FBN. I will try and find the video on youtube to keep it permanent.



Peter Schiff is true Patriot.


I don't know Schiff anymore than most of you do; but I will say this:

ANYTIME someone takes on an established Senator from EITHER side of the isle, they better:

1) Be relatively "clean".

2) Be straight up and honest

3) Be ready to debate and support their stands/have alternative answers (more than "let it burn/let the free-market figure it out") AND

4) Put some Titanium Armour around their balls.

When an established Senator is threatened, the full-force of the opposing party will be unleashed.

Again...I wish Schiff luck...and his first order of business had best be clearing out any "skeletons" he may have.



And here I thought it took the opposite of the above to be a Politician.


Peter Schiff on Foreign policy.


But really that is all that needs to be done. The government has had its day with tinkering with the markets. I think we know the current state is the best they can achieve.

Time to undo the damage.