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Peter Molnar, the Hungarian Bodybuilder


First of all sorry for posting this in the steroids section, I have my own reasons for doing so , and don't want to write 2 paragraphs explaining why I posted it here.

I was watching the latest video of peter molnar the hungarian bodybuilder:

His physique is SICK. he needs to sort out his gyno but apart from that he looks so awesome. while many may disagree IMO he has the most aesthetic physique ever! his waist line is so small and his abs are so defined and hard. Amazing V taper, no bloat, great chest, great legs.

anyway, how can you keep such a small waist line? I remember kevin levrone once saif he never does deadlifts because there is a belief among bodybuilders that deadlifting can cause a big waist line. I mean look at dave palumbo , at his rippest moments he had a HUUGEE waist line (same goes for mike matarazzo). Anyway I know genetics is an important factor, but apart from that, in terms of drugs, training and nutrition, what can be done to keep waist line as small as possible? what do you think is this guys secret? or would you give all the credit to genetics?


What makes you think this guy does not deadlift? I had a 36in waist in college at 245lbs, started heavy deadlifiting after college, still have a 36 in waist at 275lbs.


READ what i wrote again. First of all I said kevin levrone has this belief. I have seen him say that numerous amount of times on levrone report. I never said its my own personal opinion.
second of all, no offence but a 36 inch waist IS HUGE! my question is how u can avoid getting from a small 29" waist (ripped) to lets say a ripped 32".


Let me put some proportions to you....i'm 6'6" 275 I have 30" legs, 19 inch neck, calves and arms, and a drop from shoulders to wasit that is almost 10+ inches. 36 inches is only huge when you apply it to the vertically challenged. My point is deadlifting and squating making you waist big is a farce! If you are not deadlifting you are hendering your physique improvement.

Arnie liked to deadlift, but you probably think his waist is HUGE too!!!


I am sorry , did not mean to disrespect u in anyway, and ur stats are really impressive. U don't seem to be getting my point though, and I won't try to explain it cause I am worried that you may misunderstand me and find my comments rude (I have/had no such intention).

the topic is going towards the wrong direction now. All I am asking, is how can you keep a really small waist like this guy. (putting aside the genetics)


no offense taken, just providing perspective.

I think if you genetically have a small waist, you are always going to have a small waist...unless of course you add fat to it, add muscle, or do a shit load of growth hormone (this is debatable and there are many schools of thought on this). Like I said above I personally do not beleive that deadlifting or squating will increase your waist size to the dramatic fashion that some people suggest.


Heavy deadlifts and even squats WILL increase your waist. Bigger lifts = bigger obliques.

Not saying this is a necessarily bad thing, but most people will experience waist hypertrophy.
Hell, look at most top level powerlifters and strongmen. Pudz has muscle 'love handles' even at single digit bodyfat.


yeah thats exactly my point. But at the same time I can see what this other guy says, I don't know if its possible to get a good back and legs development without resorting to deads and squats. I used to always do squats and deadlifts, but now all bodybuilders huge waists make me wonder if thats the correct way to go.


You are right. You should eliminate the two best lifts from your program so you can stay skinny...

yep, skinny.

Did this bodybuilder you are worshiping ever say he doesn't squat and deadlift? I seriously doubt that. Yes it will cause some hypertrophy of abdominals and obliques, but its not like you are going to get massive overnight...


oh don't get me wrong. i am completely agreeing with you and this other guy and I always deadlift and squat. But obviously I am trying to do some research to see what is best longterm. and from the things I am reading I have decided I bette not elimintate those lifts from my workouts.



Funny posing.. he even practices the "where are the applause" gestures..

You say, "besides genetics". You can't. Yes, heavy lifting will develop obliques and other core muscles. So, its more than small waist; my understanding is that it is small waist WITH the ability for hypertrophy using relatively light weights/high volume. My gym has one such guy; he uses weights on the verge of being painted pink, and yet his muscles are very big and full.He says his PR bench is 230, but he does not do that often..

Serge Nubert, who had a perfect shape imo, said similar things:


Actually, completely removing movements is not unheard of.
I've heard many competitors, especially female figure competitors, claiming they don't deadlift period, because it thickens their waist.

I remember Ronnie talking about trying to 'detrain' his waist, but he didn't go into further depth.

But not that I would know much about it. A huge waist was never a worry of mine.


Interesting subject..

Growth hormones is a big factor.. But apart from that I think practicing the vacum pose will help keep a small waist.


The more I think about it, the more I think hip scar is correct. avoiding deadlift or squats may really hinder overall gains in muscle mass. I mean I am almost completely certain now that hgh and igf are the usual suspects. I mean when you look at old school bodybuilders they all had quite smaller wasits, whereas in modern bodybuilding the abuse of hgh and igf made them have incredibly massive guts, and I think the reason some pros ( e.g phil heath) don't have big waists might be due their genetics that allows them not to react as bad to hgh and igf! its just a thought of my own based on observation and common sense. might be talking absolute bullshit. But to me makes perfect sense