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Pete Rose vs. Barry Bonds

If this son of a bitch Barry Bonds gets into the hall of fame and Pete Rose doesn’t, it will be the biggest crock of shit ever. Pete Rose was a fans player and busted his ass on every play. He would even tell you himself that he wasn’t the most blessed athlete on the field but he made up for it with his “hustle” and determination. He didn’t have to CHEAT to reach the level of play that he did. He admitted to the gambling charges and never bet on his own team and receives no remorse from Bud Selig. Their (MLB’s) man Barry just keeps right on going because he’s the only thing that they’ve got going for them right now. What a farce

I’d definitely take Barry Bonds. He would totally kick Pete Roses ass!

He admitted his gambling a loooong time after, when his new book was coming out oddly enough.

I have never wanted a player to fail at breaking a record before, but I don’t want barry too. If he does they need to have five asterics next to his stats!

Baseball hates players involved in gambling because the World Series was fixed in 1919(?).

Rose would have been better off raping a bus load of nuns.

Baseball didn’t give a shit about steroids because they contribute to the big homerun that is so popular today.

The only reason there is a semi-real steroid testing policy is because Congress rammed it down MLB’s throat.

They both belong in based on skill and on field contributions.

Neither belongs in based on personality.

Bonds will get in because MLB won’t block his entry.

Pete Rose broke a rule. It’s called Rule 21, and it’s written on the wall of every clubhouse in every stadium. Pete knew it and did it anyway.

Barry Bonds could have gargled Winstrol when he got out of bed in the morning and munched Clenbuterol tabs as after dinner mints, but he NEVER BROKE THE RULES.

You don’t have to like it, but that’s how it is.

Pete Rose broke the #1 rule in baseball.

Barry Bonds never took anything that was banned by MLB while it was banned by MLB.

Personally, Bud Selig and the lords of MLB look worse than McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, and company do for what’s happened in baseball.

Selig and company are the ones that turned the blind eye to what was going on in order to rake in the money created by the HR boom.

All the players were doing was everything they could to make a buck.

Isn’t that what a free market economy is all about?

I don’t blame Barry for doing it. MLB didnt test for it cause they wanted to see the home runs. Now MLB isn’t getting bashed the players are? What a crock o shit! Who out there wouldnt take steroids to play better? If you say you wouldnt you are a LIAR! MLB didnt test for it and he didnt get caught, quit crying cause he played the game better on the field and off! Even with the new testing policy you have to be a total IDIOT to get caught. Do you think the players arent doing any type of enhancing drug now? Um there isnt a piss test that can catch hgh use yet is there? What else do you think they are taking. I do think Rose should be in the Hall but the difference is he got caught and continued to lie about it. I think people forget about all the other criminals that are in the hall. The hall of fame says nothing about how good a person is just how good a player they are!