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Pete Maravich


Watched a great show called "The life & times of Pistol Pete Maravich this afternoon. Anyone else catch any of it?? Pete was amazing to say the least! I've been a big fan of his since I first heard of him in the early 90's.

RIP Pete Maravich, gone but not forgotten.


What is it with you and really skinny guys. I've never heard of him before.


That special on Pistol Pete is a few yeras old, but still quite good. Pistol Pete is my father's all-time favorite player and while I didn't get a chance to see him play, I've seen a lot of old footage and read books and will say he was one hell of a player. Possibly one of the best pure scorers to ever play.


Picture AND1 players in the league. The man was definitely bad though. This probably should be in the get a life (off topic) forum though.


The Pistol was a badass ballplayer! I got a chance to see live him when I was a kid right after he went to New Orleans Jazz. In the 70s during half time of NBA games he would sometimes be featured doing a segment on skills development. Watching him play was a mindblower.

"Skinny" though he may have been, he used weights to strengthen himself. I did a google images search on the Pistol a while back and found photos of him, when in college, bench pressing some old York standards (about 135lbs) and workng on a standing calf raise machine.

I only saw the tale end of the show. Did it talk about how he could dribble a basketball with his arm out the window of his dad's car as they drove down the street?

I'll always respect this man because he fought through a lot of hardship, and because he truly loved the game.


He's only a legend at LSU. The didn't name the arena after him or anything.


shaking head in sadness

He might be my favorite player of all-time. He made the game entertaining to watch before anyone else even dreamed of it. But never heard of him? You're breaking my heart. He's in the Hall of Fame and is the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history. 44.2 PPG before the 3 point line. 3,667 points back when you did not play as a freshman.


Me and my friends call our regular trip up to the Basketball Hall of Fame our pilgrimmage to Mecca to pause in wonder at the "Pistol" Pete Maravich plaque. Hell, I went as him for Halloween one year. lol

Some video clips of him in action (the best are towards the end since those are some moves that no one attempted back then before Pete):


Damn he was good.


Picture AND1 players that actually had fundamentals and understood that basketball is a team sport.


If I recall he died quite suddenly. A heart attack or something.

Does anyone know?

Trule one of the greatest who ever played the game.


Yeah, he died of a heart attack while playing pick-up basketball and it was later discovered he had an undiagnosed congenital heart problem. He was only 40 years old.



Yes, that's correct. Hard to believe he played all those yrs with such high intensity & never had a problem. I guess it was the conditioning that kept him going. In a sense, basketball kept him alive!

They say most with that heart condition die at 20! Before he died in 88' he made some Homework bball videos, four in total & they're GREAT! He shows all the drills & moves that his dad ( Press Maravich - bball genius btw ) showed him as a kid. Very impressive!

Here's a cool pic of Pete working out.


Ok, now I cannot stop myself since this is a favorite topic of mine. I rented a video from Blockbuster a while back called "Pistol: Birth of a Legend". It was a movie about an 8th grade Pete Maravich and his making the varsity team for his school. It's kind of a cute movie, but what I love about it is that, in the movie, Pete never misses a single shot. At all. Ever. lol


Yah, Birth of a Legend came out in 91' I believe. Great movie about Pete in his early yrs. Back in the summer of 95' while on a cross country trip we stopped at the LSU campus. Got into the Pete Maravich Assembley ( sp? ) center! I got chills, upstairs there are huge team pics. for many many yrs. going way back. And of course saw the 3 with Pete & his dad.

There's a dvd of Pete's 68 pt game against the Knicks. It's amazing! Earl the Pearl, Butch Beard ( my dad played against him in college or high school ) and Walt Fraizer took turns trying to slow him down. He made them look so silly. It's great stuff.

That's a first for me to hear about Pete coming out during half time to put on a mini skills show! That's really cool.

I've heard him say on tape how he played just to entertain the fans, THAT HE DID! And I'm always on the lookout for stuff on Pete. Ebay is a great place to look.

Here's a good one of the Pistol defending the Big O.


Thanks for that last clip. There's a great video called "THE LSU YEARS". It's awesome! The higlights of the KU games are amazing! Pete took it to another level whenever they played them.

Highlights of Pete's NBA carrer are hard to find. As of late, more & more seems to be coming out.

Since I first saw that movie about him way back in 91' I have copied his game & I always have a bag full of tricks when I play. :slight_smile:


I went to Pete's high school, Needham Broughton High School, in Raleigh, North Carolina. The only retired jersey in the school's trophy case is his. He is indeed, a legend.

His dad, Press Marivich, was the head basketball coach at NC State at the time Pete was getting ready to enter college. Pete didn't have an SAT score good enough for the ACC so Press and his son went to LSU. It's too bad their isn't more video footage of his play.


I know he went for 1 yr of prep school before college. He was hoping to attend VA If I remember correctly, but his dad MADE him go to LSU.


Because LSU is where it's at!!!!


We have a freakin' building named after the guy.


i love tht movie, i also own his bball skills tapes


He's amazing in those tapes! Not too long after making them he passed away. Those videos are amazing! I've mastered all of them too & love showing them off to the kids. Their reaction is, I've never seen that! LOL