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PETA vs. Butterball Turkey

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are asking people to call the Butterball Turkey 800 number to give the operators grief for the treatment/slaughter of turkeys for Thanksgiving. I’ll close with two quotes that sum up my feelings of PETA:
“If it runs, swims or flys, hunt it and eat it”
…Charles Poliquin “If I knew electrocuting monkeys provided a cure for brain cancer, I have two things to say…Black goes on the positive, red goes on the negative.”…Dennis Leary(sp).

If you are smaller than me YOU ARE DINNER!

I will not support PETA as they are actively trying to make fishing illegal.

The way animals are raised and slaughtered needs to be changed, simply because todays practices are leading to contamintation of the food supply, and just plain poor quality products.

I do not support PETA although I agree with them on some issues.

Do you mean commercial fishing or recreational?

I think recreational fishing is cruel, but I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one.


Probably both.

I don’t support PETA either but I agree with KO. The conditions could be better for them. The lives are short enough, no need to make them miserable. Just because it can’t talk doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel pain. I’m not advocating giving up meat, hell I love the stuff. But lets not make it painful either. About if its smaller then it, so doesn’t that mean a rhino has the right to eat us? I don’t know they are trying to band fishing tho. A bit radical but I think it would be good. Humans have been way over fishing the water, it give the fish time to restock themselves. Also wipping out a whole species is not a good thing! Animals are pure innocence with the except of those damn wolverines, they are just evil. Humans can’t say as much about themselves.

While overfishing is problem, it is not caused by recreational fisherman, but commercial fishing. But recreational fisherman are always the ones to get screwed. Another problem is the destruction of fish habitat, by way of deforestation, and damming of rivers. Again not the fault of the recreational fisherman.

I have to say Ko really hit the nail on the head when he talked about deforestation and daming of the rivers being the biggest cause for endangering the fish. The ever expanding human population does more harm to wildlife, both fish and game, than hunters and fishers will ever do. Everytime a new subberb is built or a new stip mall developed, animals are forced to relocate and the habitat can only support a certain amount of each species. In fact, it is because of the money gained from fishing and hunting licenses that many species have habitats built for them. If you are a non-fisherman or a non-hunter, ask yourself when was the last time you gave money to help wildlife? I know Ko has with his fishing license and stamps and I know I have when I have purchased fishing and hunting licenses and stamps. Organizations like PETA and the general public doesn’t understand how much science goes into game management. By keeping fish and game levels at an ideal population that the local habitat can support, people actively keep animals from over populating and then starving to death, ending in underpopulation, something much more cruel. As for the original topic, since most T-men are meat eaters, I doubt there will be too many people here calling butterball to complain about the turkey this thanksgiving.

I think the rhino has every right to try to eat us. You either subscribe to the idea of the food chain or you don’t. They can try to eat us, and we can try to stop them.

Well the problem is that torturing monkeys will not lead to a cure for cancer. If you live in filth, expect to get sick. Proper diet and exercise and stress management will do more to help one avoid cancer then unnecessary testing on animals that has not proven anything. Before I get attacked, I am not saying that you have to give up meat to avoid cancer. However, don’t each crap your whole life, smoke and drink everynight, live a life that you hate, and wonder why you get diseases. Also, drugs are hardly cures for anything.

I think you’re absolutely right Mike. While environmental factors ensure that no one is safe from cancer, avoiding a sedentary, unhealthy life style seems to be the best deterent.
Also, PETA had that huge ad campaign against recreational fishing with the Golden Lab and the hook in his mouth, asking people why it was ok to do it to one animal but not another. A valid point save for the fact that many studies point to fish having brains too small to feel pain, so it’s hardly cruel.

Better yet, call PETA and ask for turkey recipes. Even better yet, ask when their endangered species cookbook will be in bookstores, and how much. Even more better yet, if Ko calls PETA and inquires about recipes. Oh, how I love stuffed spotted owl, complimented with goose pate. -The Starkdog

Hey PETA—even a fish would stay out of trouble if it kept its mouth shut.

By the way, red goes on the positive and black goes on the negative. Dennis Leary better get it right before he tries to jump start his car.

Mike, don’t take the literal interpretation of what I wrote about monkeys. It’s tongue-in-cheek, a joke. Laugh a little. As we stand now, you’re right, there is no absolute cure for cancer. You went out on a limb there. However, there are tens of thousands of people that have been cured by chemotherapy, radiation, drug therapy, etc… for cancer. If it wasn’t for testing of drugs and medical procedures on animals, we also wouldn’t have heart bypass surgery, knee replacements, dialysis and breast augmentation. So the next time you get an erection watching re-runs of Pamela Anderson on Baywatch, thank the herd of sheep down the street at the lab with the 36 DD’s. Also, since you’ve written a couple of articles on the web and people may consider you an authority or have some credibility on some topics please explain; children who die of cancer, genetics/heridity, people who grow up in “filth” that don’t die of cancer, why Cuba with no health care has the same life expectancy as the USA, people who smoke and drink and live to 100, people who are raised like veal, hand fed in pristine environments, with wealth and power who get sick. The bottom line is: no one is immune to deasese. Yes we can better the odds against some things, but there are no guarentees. Readers should expect more from “writers” whose only answer to the ills of world is, “Don’t each crap your whole life, smoke and drink everynight, live a life that you hate, and wonder why you get diseases.” It makes you sound un-educated.

Actually what Mike said is very intelligentm and should be the cornerstone of everyones training plan on this site. If you live a clean life, you greatly improve your chances of not getting these diseases. Also clean diet and exercise will improve a persons life should they become a victim of of these terrible diseases, genetic diseases included. That old “I know people who smoke and drink and they never had a problem” line is an exception not the rule.

If I’m going to be an exception to a rule, I’d much rather be the guy who drank and smoked and lived to 100 than the vegetarian who has a heart attack while jogging.

Hey, thanks for the message. One, I do not consider myself an authority in the fitness world, just another trainee that shares what he knows like a lot of the other great people that post on this forum and others. Second, Chemotherpay is hardly a cure for cancer as the average person that goes through it only lives for a few years. Chemotherapy is really insane actually and kills the cancer and you.
Next regarding the kids that have cancer, that is of course very unfortunate and I will sorry for those kids(I have been around the world and met many kids with cancer in all countries and it is a terrrible thing to see). What you have to ask is why these kids have cancer? Environemental toxins, parents smoked and drank a lot? Who know. All I am saying is that it laughable when I see people that drink, smoke, eat crap and watch TV all day and then spend a lot of their money taling drugs to try to take care of their poor lifestyle. It is another example of not taking responsibility for your life and passing the buck in to someone else that is all to common these days.

ko, since most of the US doesn’t exercise and eat correctly and the life expectancy is 76 or so for everyone, we can surmise that the people that don’t do all the right things live a long time. Show me the life expectancy on the people that take their vitamins and exercise. Empirically speaking we may be able to identify a person or two. However, there are no guarantees in this world. At what age did you start living “clean”? Unless you’re writng this from the womb, there is maybe a chance you’ve created some “damage” at the celluar level that may pop up as a problem later on. How about the environment you live in? You can eat and exercise like a king, but live in LA with a considerable amount of air pollution. For example, you may have been that person that ate horribly till you where 35, formed plaque on your arterial walls and then decided to get fit. Well that plaque is not going to go away! You’ve already got a head start on what ultimately occurs as we age. Now, I’m not saying to give up on a healthy lifestyle. Being fit does better your odds to a small degree and improves quality of life as we age. But lets stop kidding ourselves, not everything is preventable.

whoever said a fish’ brain is too small to feel - if a fish can eat, see and swim around and get scared I’m sure it can feel.
Cancer - eating hormone induced, antibiotic overload treated and shit covered animals - that’ll give you cancer.