PETA Volunteers In Court

Hinkle and Cook were PETA volunteers in Norfolk when they offered to take animals from crowded animal shelters in Bertie, Hertford and Northampton counties. Their lawyer said the load of animals became too large, and the workers began euthanizing the dogs and cats and dumping their bodies in a trash bin at a grocery store.

We have to kill the cat to save the cat.

PETA… sigh… hilarious bunch of bastards.

My school animal friendly club didn’t want to be associated with them, so they called themselves PART, People Animal Rights Teams. I suggested Anti Slaughter Squadron, but it was frowned upon. They claimed it was offensive to our democratic friends…

(Any one get it? Bad joke, but it made me chuckle to myself).

Serious: PETA is crazy. We all know that.

[quote]Beowolf wrote:
People Animal Rights Teams.[/quote]

Animal rights is discrimination pure and simple. Both sides of each animal are equally tasty and should be eaten with appetite.

[quote]Beowolf wrote:
Serious: PETA is crazy. We all know that.[/quote]

They are pale, pasty and full of estrogen too.