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PETA: Raise Insurance for Meat-Eaters



This is wrong on so many levels. Most meat-eaters on T-Nation are healthier than any of the vegetarians i've known. A lot of vegetarians have horrible diets... plus they just LOOK sickly. Anyways, I was ticked when I saw this and I thought I would share this with you all.

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PETA Wants Higher Insurance Premiums For Meat Eaters
Animals Rights Group Approaches Blue Cross Blue Shield

POSTED: 11:04 am EST November 13, 2008
UPDATED: 6:45 pm EST November 13, 2008

VERMONT -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont to raise health insurance premiums for people who eat meat, and lower the premiums for vegetarians.

PETA Wants Higher Insurance Premiums For Meat Eaters

In a letter sent Monday to Bill Milnes Jr., president of Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Vermont, PETA's Executive Director Tracy Reiman urged Blue Cross to raise rates on meat eaters because -- she claims -- heart disease, diabetes and other leading killer diseases have been conclusively linked to the consumption of meat and other animal products.

"Given the latest news about the effects of E. coli on meat-eaters -- and the mountain of evidence linking meat consumption to some of our nation's deadliest diseases -- this change will benefit Blue Cross Blue Shield's bottom line while also helping to ensure that your policyholders don't flat line," Reiman wrote.

Reiman went on to point to recent reports of an E. coli outbreak in Vermont. In October a Vermont slaughterhouse recalled a ton of ground beef after 10 cases of E. coli were traced to meat from Vermont Livestock Slaughter & Processing in Ferrisburg. The recall was voluntary.

Earlier in the month, three people were diagnosed with E. Coli in Orleans County. Health officials attributed those cases to raw milk as the source.

"As you might know, E. Coli grows in the intestines of many farmed animals. Slaughterhouses are filthy places, and when animals are eviscerated, feces often spray in every direction," Reiman wrote.

She goes on to claim that vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes and obesity. "By giving your policy holders a financial incentive to go vegetarian -- and penalizing those whose meat-based diets fuel our nation's worst health problems -- Blue Cross Blue Shield could save millions of dollars in the long run," Reiman writes.

But it doesn't appear that Blue Cross will be taking PETA's suggestion any time soon.

"Under Vermont law, we would not be allowed to vary rates based on the dietary and nutritional habits of various members," said Kevin Goddard, Blue Cross's vice president of external affairs. He did, however, say that Blue Cross is always looking to have the healthiest members possible, but "we have no information one way or the other if vegetarians are more healthy."

In September, PETA made headlines in Vermont and across the nation for asking Ben & Jerry's ice cream to use human breast milk in their ice cream, instead of cow milk. "We applaud PETA's novel approach to bringing attention to an issue, but we believe a mother's milk is best used for her child," a representative for Ben & Jerry's said at the time.


I agree that some slaughterhouses need to be cleaned, because of Ecoli and other random diseases. I want to throw a brick at the hardcore PETA followers though. I'm glad PETA's suggestions were tossed aside by vermont government and Ben & Jerry's.

Most people would declare themselves vegetarians just to get the premium benefits. Oh and think about how many ta-ta's would have to be milked to keep ben and jerry's production going. PETA is a joke.


This was already discussed in this thread:



Two words: FUCK PETA.

I capitalized "Fuck" due to the fact that PETA does the same. They scream their bullshit loud enough for all to hear.

These fucking limp-wristed, tree-hugging pricks just continue to piss me off. Am I the only one that is sick and tired of every special interest group in this country interfering with personal choice?

Stay off of my damn lawn, lest I grab my 10 Gauge. It doesn't discriminate by your choice of protein.

Rant over.




damn hippies


This is the same group the asked Ben and Jerry's (Ice Cream) to replace cow's milk with womens' breast milk.


They lost all credibility after that request...


Funny, considering the latest bunch of tomato, spinach, etc e coli contaminations were all obviously not meat related. PETA are crazy fuckers that have an established legacy of nonsense. They would get much more accomplished and be more widely accepted if they picked their battles. That breast milk ice cream thing though does sound pretty badass though.


Pffft, PETA are do this sort of crap and the Ben & Jerry's stunt to raise publicity. Meat and diabetes? Meat and obesity? Sounds like correlation-causation fallacy at work here.

I agree with treating animals ethically - it is morally correct and yields a higher quality meat, but PETA just take it too far.


Yeah. I don't have any real issues with improving the quality treatment of animals and thinning of chemicals and hormones used on them (We don't all have money to buy "organic" and "natural" shit all the time,) but PETA is just a low-brow terrorist organization, really.


They sure are group of bonafied ass-clowns in my book...


I'm 45 and my insurance rate is the same as a 30 yo smoker. I'm sure I am fit compared to a 25 yo smoker. They should have insurance rates based on fitness levels, you pass the test you get the best rate. In fact if you pass the 25 yo non-smoker fit test you get their rate! The more fit you are the less chance you'll collect on insurance. The more fit you are the longer you will pay the premiums. Win-win perhaps?


That was the last straw for you...?

You sure it wasn't when they used some bubble-headed celebrity like Britney Spears for their anti-fur campaign. That broad owns everything in leather...WTF?

I am a Man and I eat tasty animal flesh...and for a particular treat I like to break open the skulls of kittens and suck out their brains.


These people are absolutely nut jobs. I can't even eat a grilled cheese sandwich at work with getting a lecture from some of my co-workers. They should do a study about the link between lack of animal products in a diet and the rise of self righteousness in a person.


I would buy some. I would pay a significant premium for that product.


Prove that I eat meat.


I can't imagine this would actually happen....insurance companies are a business and they'd be pissing off the majority of people. Not to mention there probably isn't a strong enough correlation (or any correlation perhaps) to warrant this kind of thing.



Insurance premiums are typically based on usage. People that use the hospital more should pay more.