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PETA is getting out of hand.

The problem with PETA and other extremists when it comes to world and environmental concerns is that all these people get grouped together as “environmentalist hippies.” The majority of environmentalists don’t do it for the trees or the animals, but they are thinking about the preservation of humans, and people don’t realize this when they hear about these crazy people.

If God didn’t want you to eat animals,he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.


its a funny read, i promise

LUMBURJACK: Actually, part of his sayings are true.

Apparently some research was done for certain hysterical profiles and one common factor to all of them was the lack of (red) meat in the diet.

So these suckers are actually propagating their mental disease and are resisting the remedy. Pity them. Maybe once in their life they had critical judgement, but now they can`t even see their are the butt of their (socially and politically nice sounding but scientifically stupid) beliefs.

LOL. Besides, anybody whos ever read some stuff about physiology knows that were way way closer to carnivory digestive systems than grass-eating systems. The only subclass of legal vegeterians would be the ones genetically more geared toward it, according to Barry Sears` blood type profiles. But, even if it were true, they are far from the majority. Therefore, no need for propaganda. Just get a blood test, take what is appropriate FOR YOU and shut the fuck up. Thankyouverymuch!

(Dumb cause. What do you expect of a movement that has Pambo Anderson as a spokesperson…?)

… didn’t battle our way to the top of the food chain to eat friggin grass

… didn’t battle our way to the top of the food chain to eat friggin grass

dan, check out this stuff…it boggles the mind:




shakes head

Here’s my idea…