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PETA is getting out of hand.

Meet the Broccoli Boys

Dan “The Anti-Broccoli Boy” McVicker

real men eat animals! let’s eat them! although not sure of the nutritional value of them :slight_smile:

morg “i eat plant eaters for dinner and i’m shamelessly copying dan even though i just realized i don’t have a last name” uhh morg

I just ate about 1/2 pound of ground up cow flesh, topped with a little roasted green chilies and some swiss cheese, and grilled to a nice, pink, medium/medium rare doneness. I served it on light whole wheat bread with a slice of tomato, some onion and a little fat free mayo. It was good, even without the broccoli.

  1. Broccoli BOYS. How MANly is that? LOL

  2. They look gay all the gang.

The question is… how’s your libido?


2. True or false: Eating meat makes you virile.

ANSWER: False. In fact, meat-based diets can lead to impotence! One-quarter of all men over age 60 are impotent, because fat from meat clogs up the arteries going to all your organs, not just to your heart! Try a veggie burger instead, Don Juan.

Wow. So the reason that men over 60 are impotent is because they eat meat? Who knew?!

Dan “strangely… not impotent” McVicker


You have got to be kinding me. Yeah, son, I want you to grow up to be a big pussy who serves soy at local picnics. Dear god, who are they fooling?

Here’s a great quote from that webpage:

“Protein doesn’t build muscle - in fact, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can lead to muscle loss. Working out regularly is the only way to increase muscle mass, and carbs are the best fuel for workouts. Low-fat, high-carbohydrate foods from plant sources are the way to a better bod. Just ask Andreas Cahling (“Mr. International” bodybuilder); Dave Scott (six-time Ironman triathlon winner); or Bill Pearl (four-time Mr. Universe) - all vegetarians!”

Yep buddies. Keep eating just veggies if you want, but if you come around me I’m going to stop you like a sapling tree.


MOOOOOORE meat for me!!

“One 21-year-long study that compared meat-eaters and vegetarians showed that the greater the meat consumption, the greater the death rate from all causes combined.”


“all vegetarians!”

funny. when they’re trying to say that protein doesn’t build muscle, they use vegetarians as examples. depending on the definition of the vegetarian, they can be eating fish, eggs, and dairy. that’s a pretty big difference.

let’s all make a group that claims junk food is good for you. let’s find a few genetic freaks that can be successful on a junk food diet, and then say everyone should eat that way.


The problem is that people who are vegetarians tend to engage in healthier behavior overall. They tend to be more aware of what they’re eating and they’re more likely to be non-smokers, non-drinkers, and exercisers than meat eaters.

So you have all these other lifestyle confounds like drinking, smoking, and inactivity that come into play. Plus, it must be noted that the average dude that sits on the couch and eats hamburgers isn’t getting a lot of veggies/fruits in their diet–which is a big problem.

Which is why the smart nutritional gurus (Berardi and the T-Gang) always reccomend a lot of veggies and fruits. (No, you cannot eat Broccoli Boys to get your daily allotment of Fruits.)

I’ve heard–though I’m not sitting here on a study to back this up–that if you control for some of these other lifestyle factors, vegitarians and meat-eaters come out about equal in terms of death-rates, but veggies tend to die of different causes (degenerative nerve diseases, etc.) rather than the “traditional” meat eating deaths (heart disease, etc.).

Anyway, I think I ought to go nuke some broccoli and grill up some chicken in celebration of my “inferior” eating patterns.

Dan “off-the-cuff” McVicker

What do you mean “getting”? They’ve been out of hand for years.

What the hell was veggie boy in the speedo wearing around his neck?

they like to say how disgusting burgers and sausage is, but they go to great lengths to make food that looks and tastes just like it. what fags.

I’m a member of PETA…People Eating Tons of Animals.

they passed the line from annoying to me wanting to punch them multiple times when they compared chicken farming to the holocaust.

well, what did they say about 9-11? something like “sure, 3000 people died, but billions of chickens suffer every year.”

i mean, what do you say to that? why aren’t people like this locked up or something? i guess they feel sympathy for terrorists since they are terrorists themselves.

here’s an interesting article sure to get your blood boiling:


That Ricardo dude forgot to put down mirror for his turnoff, oh my god I feel like running over a cat right now.

PETA’s bad???

What about FLAB? The Fraternal Lifters Against Blubber have this new thing where if go to a restaurant and order anything from the menu that combines fat and carbohydrates, you get pelted with partially set lard and crisco when leaving!

What’s the world coming to?

No its “People Eating Tasty Animals”