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PETA Attacks Super Mario 3


See article from Yahoo.


Just makes you shake your head and say WTF?


That's why I hate those PETA's and vegetarians. They take something that could be considered unhuman, rape the term through the eyes and feel superior to others.


LOL there is a game in the article, noice




Aw, my dead cat memes are blocked.


20 yrs late


PETA are just attention whores now, it's best to just ignore them and hope they go away. And really how can you protest Tanukis? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8e/Yoshitoshi_Rainy_Day_Tanuki.jpg


I played that and their McDonald's game. Definitely going to have nightmares tonight.


Video related.


that's why i fucking love japan


also PETA should go screw themselves, they don't have anything better to do?


They obvi have nothing better to do. They're protesting a 20 year old video game that depicts two plumbers who have somehow opened portals through other worlds through enormous green pipes and happen to wear a bear suit (I forget what the bear suit did) and a raccoon suit.

They ran around and collected floating coins that were as big as they were all in a quest to save some dumb princess from getting kidnapped, but she was perpetually getting kidnapped.

So no, PETA has nothing better to do. They've officially left the plantation. They are no longer functioning in reality and have entered the world of Capcom.


If Mario freaked them out imagine what Katamari would do.


They are protesting "Super Mario 3D Land" which features the Tanooki suit again that originally appeared in Super Mario Bros 3, and was recently released for the Nintendo 3DS. I'm not defending them, this is beyond stupid, but they are being topical at least I guess.




What about "by attacking the graphics of a video game, PETA is sending the message that's animal abuse is over and doesn't exist anymore outside of videogames" ?

Ridiculous. As usual.


What would the do with Red Dead? Hell I killed every animal in that game from wolfs to bald eagles and skinned them with my huge bowie knife. :slightly_smiling:


It's hilarious they are going to attack a fictional character that wears a FAKE animal suit, but are totally OK with the Furry Conventions, as long as the fur is FAKE.

Dear Furries, Please Don’t Wear Real Fur. Love, PETA


effin Red Dead ... that's the game I got closest to 100% completion and enjoyed every damn second of it ... even hunting for the animals and collecting the required amount of flora

Loved that game


I think someone should bring it to their attention that it Total War: Rome Centurios wear wolfskins...