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Pet Peeves (Or Shit You Don't Like!)

I wanted to start this thread for a while but never got around to it - don’t get to my laptop very often.

Ever since I started training or just being around weights, I’ve noticed/overheard people talking about or doing a lot of different stupid shit.

For example, the other day I heard one of my friends say “Nawh, I don’t take protein powder, I don’t want to get too big” … He’s one of my best friends, so, I forgive him. But, people say stuff like that allll too often.

Also, I’m sure most people have heard the “battle cry of the gym pussy” before: “I don’t want to get big, I just want to get toned!” Like, really, what is this shit? Lol.

Now, post yours.


I don’t worry about what stupid people think/do. It has done great things for my blood pressure.

I had a friend ask me for advice on a workout program. I pulled up an article that Wendler wrote on this site, told him to read the whole thing. I was about to tell him to buy the ebook as well, when he scrolls down to the percentages and says, “oh this is all i need” and then asks if he is suposed to use the percentages for assistance work as well. I tell him no, you use it for bench, squat, press, and deads, and he says oh all I need it for is bench, I dont work out my legs because I run so much.

He’s a sophmore in college and his max bench is 155. I had lost all faith in him, but he eventually agreed to do a push/pull/legs split from kingbeef’s thread.

Id say theres a 2% chance he follows through.

Another one of these threads? Oh joy. Who gives a shit about other people? Focus on yourself.

The only thing that really bothers me any more is when someone’s stupidity gets in the way of something I am doing. i.e. Getting too close while I’m deadlifting or something like that. That’s mostly just an issue of overall safety and probably messes up my concentration just a little. Other than that, I don’t pay too much mind to the 'tards I’m surrounded by.

OP, you honestly have to just take all those “dumb” comments with a grain of salt and just realize these people are basically ignorant to what most of us believe and how we think. Like Pwnisher said, it does wonders for your stress levels.

Get a Life --> Squat Rack Curls thread --> ??? --> PROFIT

I really try not to pay attention to anyone else, but some of the things personal trainers make their clients do just make me want to gag. The other day I saw some kids personal trainer having him do medicine ball squats on a bosu ball. I was speechless.

the way that guys, especially new guys, come down to the weight room and do ‘seated’ presses, because there is a (shit) bench for it. They never stop and think that maybe they could do it standing up with a full range of motion, it just never occurs to them.

The internet.

[quote]StormTheBeach wrote:
The internet.[/quote]

But STB just think of all the good people here you would never have had any interaction with…oh wait I hate the internet too.