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Pet Peeves in the Gym 2021

I know we’ve had these type of posts before but I’m just tired of the following dumb-assery found in my gym.

In no particular order:

  1. Fat guys who think they are jacked. I’m not talking about a COVID bulk but truly obese guys in tank tops strutting around like they are Mariusz Pudzianowski. Please.

  2. Guys with really bad ILS (imaginary lat syndrome). Please just put your freaking arms down.

  3. Poor form. To me, form is critical but so many people doing it so badly, makes me want to scream.

  4. Little or no control in the eccentric portion of a lift. Usually young kids. They seem oblivious to the damage they can cause themselves.

  5. Texting or cruising their phone while “resting”. If you’re not going to lift, then move your ass somewhere else.

  6. Wearing a lifting belt all the freaking time. We know you think you look like a badass but unless you’re lifting at or near your max, then you’re just dumb.

That’s all I can think of now. Feel free to add your own.

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On back day my last get soooooo pumped, combine that with my smalllll arms and it looks like I think I’m a tough guy. I purposefully make a point to pull my arms into my body so it doesn’t look funny :joy:

  1. Gyms closed since October

That’s enough for me looool

I’m so guilty of that especially on strength workouts…

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My gym has a few delusional members who for some reason think doing something Thor does in the WSM is acceptable during training. Dropping the log from the overhead position is an example. Now if you are putting up 400 lbs, whatever, but the particular individual I am thinking of is putting up about 160 lbs, and that is after about 3 missed attempts (I have never seen him attempt more than 2 reps, and 90% of his training is max singles). Also drops all deadlifts from lockout.

Also this guy.

It is like the people watching him have the complete opposite perception of him than he does. He isn’t the only one in the group, but is becoming the leader.

Performing pull ups or bicep curls on the squat rack while taking 5 minute breaks over their phones :angry:

Is he at least using rubberized plates? Either way, they can get away from you and possible break something. This goes to my lack of control on lifts.

Nope, and not on the log press either. It goes even further, with the overhead drops with the log, he was using calibrated powerlifting plates.

Number 5.

Douchebags and dime a dozen THOTs buried in phones completely oblivious to others.

Weak minded dildos

Fine! I will never invite you to gym again Ha!


While totally agree with your first five pet peeves, number 6 I must protest. If I need a weight belt for any lift that day, I wear it the entire time at the gym. If I take it off, I’d probably leave at the gym. I paid too much money on my Cardillo belt.

At 72 I’m a weak old man. I don’t need a belt, so it stays at home. Though I still have my Cardillo belt

Isn’t the rack capable of both pullups and squats on the same rack? If not, I’m all in with you.

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I’m with you there! It’s been 9+ months since I’ve had access to a barbell- kB workout just aren’t the same

Guilty as charged

If they actually knew how to wear one properly, I doubt they’d do this. Those things hurt!


This I find entertaining! If they see me watching them bastardize an exercise, I just smile shrug my shoulders.

The cat litter tray in the corner and then little shit bag kids that come in half way through and get in the way of a squat. Or this one chick that walk around naked half the time putting me off.

I should add I’m at the home gym BTW - but still these count.

However - I’m gonna go with guys that do not know of the “Dunning - Kuruger” effect. These guys can naff off.


People training 3 or more up and basically leaning on the squat rack like its their college social bar.

“Fuck back off to college- you absolute cretins! And whilst I’m on the subject you’re all doing half reps with a weight my wife could squat you morons- get parallel or don’t bother!”

(I haven’t been in a gym in a decade- is this still a thing?)

My first semester, I thought I liked a guy- then realized he was a half squatter :rofl:


Just left the gym and I have one to add that really made me shake my head.

The quintessential gym bro -
Dude had TWO gallon jugs, one with something mixed in, one apparently plain water. A giant gym bag, and was eating and playing on his phone. I’ve seen this guy multiple times and never seen him break a sweat.


Since Covid and gyms shutting down for the longest. I don’t even care what people do anymore. The only people who bother me are the guys who STINK to hell and back. There is one guy in particular and you know he is there as soon as you walk in the door. Oh, and the guys that strategically follow me into the locker room to catch me changing.

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Shadow boxing’s still top on my list.