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Pet Owners....

What do you think of this upcoming product?


I think there’s a market for it.

I could see it as a good device for locating a lost then found pet by comunicating with the finder, but I doubt it would be much good for chatting with fido or giving him directions to get home. If a dog could take directions or had an awareness of where it was at in relation to landmarks and roads- It wouldn’t be lost would it?

As for a market for it- Yes I think a lot of people will buy these. Probably several million of them.

I think it is the dumbest shit I have seen today.

I would love to see some video of a dog that gets called by its owner. Talk about freaking the poor critter out. Could you just see Sammy running in circles looking for his owner because he can hear her voice? The dog would be running around with a wtf look on.

Of how about you leave your dog tied to a park bench and you hide in the bushes. When someone comes by, you say things to them, making them think the dog is talking to them. Could be a real good way to pick up chicks.

This product opens up some serious possibilities…


It doesn’t have GPS on it?

I can see it now…
Foopa come home now…

Two hours later…
Foopa where are you…
God damn it! Get home so I can go to the gym

Suddenly MEOW!
Shit Foopa ate a cat

Lo Jack for dogs I personally prefer the fence and leash.