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I really hate to put labels on eating habits, but for those who don't know pescetarianism is like going veg except you eat eggs, dairy, and fish on top of mostly fruits, veges, and grains.

My purpose of going pescetarianism is that i wish to eat a much cleaner diet free from all other meat. I've read many articles saying Jack Lalanne ate only fish as his main source of protein. So my question is, does anyone have any hard evidence of people getting mercury poison from a HIGH QUALITY fish diet?



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Well..BBB is right..and you can eliminate as much risk as possible by purchasing higher quality fish with less recorded levels of mercury..usually wild caught is better than farmed etc.


Jack died. Just so you know how successful his eating plan was.



Not a knock on you personally, but this kind of thinking cracks me up. So pescatarianism is like being a vegetarian, without being a vegetarian? Gotcha. Seriously though, when I spent two months as a vegetarian and vegan, I can't tell you how many times I heard, "So you're not eating animal products, but you can still have fish, right?"

Not entirely true. He spent some time throughout the '40s and '50s eating raw beef and had other periods with no animal products at all.

Ask most people from Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean area. :wink:

As was said, if you focus on wild fish, you'll likely reduce any risks. Another good idea, since you're already limiting your protein sources, would be to only have fish as the primary protein source in one main meal per day.


The mercury thing is ridiculously overblown. A) The FDA max limit for mercury is actually 1/100th of where most studies say ANY effect is seen. B) Selenium prevents mercury from binding to your cells. The foods with the most selenium? Fish.


Haha..I was strict veg for almost a year man...and people seemed to assume this of me as well. I was like no man...no animals... I guess because fish is more bug like or some shit people assume it doesn't count.

I did start going back to meat by adding fish to my diet..but I didn't call myself veg anymore, that's for sure. Not to mention..that was surely a slippery slope...within two weeks I was eating steak.


lol he died at 96 and he was in awesome shape even through his older years. I'd love to harness immortality, but for now i'll stick with eating fish

How come only one meal? i was planning on making salmon salad for lunch, and then having a fish fillet for dinner. All the while being conscious of mercury levels in the fish i am eating. Since that seems to be the general consensus.