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Pervertor - Assistance for Lagging Hamstrings?


5/3/1 pros on Pervator, but switching assistance on legs so

5/3/1 deads+ squat supplemental then the next leg day 5/3/1 squats+ deadlift supplemental (10x5, 5x10, 5x5)

My question is, if one of my focus is bringing up lagging hams, how much assistance for hamstrings would be optimal? I was thinking 3-4 sets 10-12 reps of lying leg curl one day and the same volume of seated leg curl on the other.

ive never ran 5/3/1, i usally rotate through John meadows creeping death 2, collosus, or DC 3-way split

Leg curls are ok, but I’d go with glute-ham raises, back raises, good mornings and RDLs. Also, what makes you think you have lagging hamstrings? Most people who think they have imbalances, really don’t have imbalances…

RDLs will be implemeted if my lower back isnt fatigued by all the supplemental work on the DLs. Ive just never ran a program like this before.

Alas…if my gym had a GHR id be tickled shitless. As for lagging hamstrings, i guess lagging is a strong word, i guess while adding overall size, if it was 60/40% hamstring/quad growth over the next 3-4 months that would be my goal

I agree with Marc , a lot of people think they have lagging X , Y , Z and think they need to do a super duper exercise that will get them there fix . Truth to the matter is you just need to focus on your multi joint lifts break PRs , progress slowly and be consistent . Assistance work is just that, shouldn’t be the end all and be all of your regime. Pick one movement for your posterior focus the f*** out of it for arguments sake Good mornings along side your main lift and soon enough you’ll grow pubes on your eye balls set small goals and hit them.

Consistency , patience comes a long way . :+1:

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