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Pervertor (3/5/1 Question)

After a couple of go throughs of Pervertor I just read that you are supposed to do a 3/5/1 setup instead of the normal 5/3/1 setup. So I am supposed to use the %'s for 3’s the first week and %'s for 5’s the second week? or am I just stupid.

Also what are your thoughts on doing light snatches/cleans for explosive warmup instead of jump/throws? Just having a hard time finding space for jumping or throwing a medicine ball around the gym sometimes.

Yes the First BBS week is using 70-80-90
The 2nd BBB week is 65-75-85

Seems like a decent switch to me for the warm up

%'s are as listed above - just switch the weeks. This is shown in the book.


Got any other suggestion to substitute them? Currently training in a conventional gym with no good space for jump/throws.

I totally understand that that snatch/clean is not a optimal substitute but just thought it might be decent because of its explosiveness and with no added weights.

I don’t know much about Pervertor (other than it’s a band), but if you’re adding cleans you’d typically lower other hinge volume - not remove jumps or throws

Roughly, you wouldn’t do cleans, 531 deadlift, and BBB. Rather you’d do cleans prior to 5s pro deadlift or something with limited FSL.

You don’t have enough room for some vertical/frog jumps? How high can you jump?

Med ball slams can be performed anywhere…even a commercial gym

I don’t quite understand this but if it truly the case, jump outside the gym.

I’m not doing 5x5 cleans with 200lbs… I’m literally doing just the barbell, simply for the explosiveness of the exercise and not to build my snatch or clean.

But I’ll start with medball slams and high jumps now then. Since I apparently screwed up

If explosiveness is your only goal, I think light cleans (vs medium weight) may actually hinder you a bit. Reason being, if your max clean is 225, you couldn’t clean a 65lb bar with maximum force lest it go flying through the roof. Jumps allow for maximum force production with no real technical mastery necessary & with limited training fatigue.

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Yeah, that might be a problem. Have mostly used snatches from different positions but will change it up next time. Thanks.

I do not have any substitutions for jumping and throwing.


Have you thought of doing jumps/throws at home before heading to the gym? I will sometimes do my warmups and such at home, so when I get the gym I can get right into it.

Would a medicine ball slam be more workable in your space? I can’t imagine a space you wouldn’t be able to do that in, really.

With the ball at chest level, vertical jump, ball comes overhead at the same time, to a slam on return to the ground.

I don’t know if that technically counts, but that’s what I do, and it seems to wake my system up well.