Perth or Cairns???

My wife has had two verbal job offers as a nurse, one in Cairns and one in Perth. Having never been to Australia the question is which one to take. Could some of the Australian members on the site give some advice as to what each town has to offer?
We are emigrating from the UK by March 2008.

I have been to Perth and I thought it was awesome. Sydney is nice and so is Freemantle. I’ve never been to Cains.

I think Australia is an awesome country and the people are friendly.

Perth being a bigger city would mean that there is more opportunity for further development in the field.

Definately choose Perth. Cairns is more of a big tourist town, they seem to get a bizarre percentage of the Japanese businessmen for some unknown reason.

Fremantle which is mentioned in Irn_Blz post is a satellite city just outside Perth. Fantastic seafood and a nice caffeine strip.

Not to sure how you handle humidity but if you’re not a fan of it once again Perth. It’s a dry heat whereas Cairns will have you sweating in no time. I think the temperature doesn’t get quite as high in Perth as well but I can’t guarantee that.

Both nice cities, both very different, depends what you’re after really.

Cairns is a basically a very large country town built around the tourism industry (Great Barrier Reef etc - although Perth’s beaches are actually just as nice). A very easygoing laid back culture, relative to the Aus capital cities.

Perth is more cosmopolitan, has boomed the last few years with the mining industry taking off over there. Great job opporunities there (in all industries, not just mining), but also the fastest climbing real estate prices in Aus.

Sunny weather in both places; Cairns is close to the tropics so it’s lot more humid.

Personally I’d pick Perth to live, Cairns for a holiday.

I don’t do humidity very well. Good points about better opportunities in the bigger city, too.