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Persuasive Essay Pro Steroids

In my English class i just so happened to be assigned a persuasive essay. People pair up and each gets a topic. I got Pro steroids, it can be for proffesional sports or just regular use. So if anyone wants to kick in any positive points or some good thoughts or facts lets hear it! I gotta turn my paper in tommorrow night!

A birdy told me Steroids along with a solid gym routine and food can help you grow, or was it horny? I forget

Injury recovery.

Steroids can speed up the healing process for injured muscle groups. Healing can take a fraction of the time, increasing productivity for not only athletes, but Joe Average. But because of the big steroid scare in our ass-backwards society, doctors are terrified to prescribe the stuff.

Injury prevention.

Deca keeps the joints greased, great for guys like powerlifters.

Test and HGH rejuvenate older men.

Test is the freakin’ fountain of youth.

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If you google my name plus “Steroids in sports” or “Steroids in Baseball” “Steroids Side Effects” or anything like that, (i.e. History of Steroids, etc…) you’ll get some stuff I’ve written (fully referenced) on the topic…