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Persuasive Essay On Women and Steroids

I have to write a persuasive speech on why women should not take steroids. Any good websites out there that tell of female steroid horror stories? I need one or two visual aids, I was thinking about finding a woman that looked like a man from all the drugs, any ideas on top level female bodybuilders that look that way?

I was thinkign about contrasting that picture witha picture of rachel mclish to show what is possible without steroids. Any help anyone has?
Conversely, I can also do a speech on why women SHOULD take roids, but I bet it would be much harder.

Why should women not take steroids?

My girlfriend’s on steroids and I’m sure she’s hotter than your girlfriend. Beat that!

I am by no means saying that they should do a G of test a week, but certain steroids (mainly Primo and anavar, IMHO) can be used safely by women.

I really hope nobody helps you with your essay. It’s people like you that make steroids look bad.

Yes, it WILL be harder to make steroids for women look good, but there’s plenty of studies supporting that there are few side-effects at low doses for both men AND women. Just use a few of those, and you’ll have some strong arguments.

I perfectly agree with women taking steroids. Its just that I need to give a persuasive speechone way or another, and my classmates are uninformed clueless college kids so it will be easier to tell them the bad things. I don’t care if women do take steroids, even a gram of test a week! Big clits are easier to find, and you cant beat a high sex drive. The manly voice, the hair and the androgynized face are kinda turn offs though. I am not asking for a validation that women should or shouldn’t take steroids, I am just asking for some help in the information department. I hope you woman takes all kinds of steroids, and then develops a fetish for beating the hell out of you.

Vera de Milo

Forget about the essay.

Just put this picture up. Say thankyou for your attention and then sit down.

[quote]swerven wrote:
Forget about the essay.

Just put this picture up. Say thankyou for your attention and then sit down.


Wow. That is a great example of roids gone wrong. Interestingly enough though, I would love to climb into bed with her. I wonder if I should take the brokeback mountian self test.