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Persuading my Mum


basically my mum has been bitching to me lately about how i'm eating too much and going to get fat or damage my kidneys or my personal favourite that in now a 'protein junkie'

was wondering if any of you guys would be able to point out any good articles on protein intake etc that i can shove in her face to shut her up

Much appreciated


If she is already parroting what the mainstream media says about health, you can hand her whatever articles you want, and she won't read them. Just smile and laugh. I've done it for years. My mom's thing, when I first put on weight, was how I was going to stretch my skin out, and then when I am an old man, have flappy, loose skin when all that muscle disappears.


my mom said my skin was going to stretch out....

she was right! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don't know of any specific articles, but my doctor was able to tell me... "protein isn't going to hurt you unless you go drastically overboard for an extended period of time". Talk to your doctor with your mom. If she hears it from him she might finally believe you.


prove her wrong by not being sloppy and fat and dead


Articles won't do shit. She won't read them.

You can argue it if you must. You can ask her to prove her assertion are based on fact rather than opinions, she can't.

Get a part time job, offer to pay towards the food.

Even moving out is no guarantee these discussions will end, I'm 33 and my mum still moans about these things...


nice to know i'm not the only one suffering from an infuriating mum :stuck_out_tongue:


How old are you?

Honestly, if you live with her. Organize your eating schedule so she doesn't see you eating so much. And don't get fat.

And get a job and buy your own food.


Nothing proves a point better than action. It you make yourself awesome it will prove the point.

I remember a funny interview with John Carmack where he said his mother always said he should be more like his brother and that he would never be successful making video games: "There's nothing like a few Ferrari's to rub in your moms' face" was his comment on the subject.


flowers are telling you protein is bad?


Roundhouse kick her.


Only a fool will try to have an argument with his mother.

She is right no matter what - that is what she believes - prove her wrong and she still will believe from the bottom of her heart that she is right.

You can do a tons of stuff like remind her that you don't say anything about the stuff that she puts on her hair and will cause cancer, MS, Alzheimer's dementia and he wearing diapers.

You can show her research endorsed by Jesus, Mohamed and Buda and that will mean nothing.

Or you can smile nod and go about your day doing whatever you have to do.

Pick one that fits better you case.

100% of the time teh last option is teh better.

Overall parents have higher bitching rights they cleaned our butts when we where small and will do it again if nedded when we are grow ups.


Maybe these will help.




My mom thinks it's totally cool... just sayin...


me too. She even likes to buy me extra food or take me out to places that have eating challeneges. ( i can eat a ton)