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Perspiration Smells Like Ammonia


Hey guys,

Anyone get this while on cycle? I am currently using test e, tren ace and dbol as well as adex and hcg. It's hot and humid in my city and I normally enjoy the warm weather, but have had no tolerance for it on this cycle as my rate of perspiration has increased dramatically.

Normally, I hardly crack a sweat when training. Now my shirt is drenched when I'm done. Adding insult to injury is an ammonia smell that I never had before. I always used to think it was gross whenever someone near me smelled that way and now it is me. I also perspire after eating and especially if following up a meal with coffee.

I know I could drink more water but I have always subscribed to the drink when thirsty mentality. I may have upped my protein powder intake a little recently but nothing dramatic. Anyway, I hope this affliction quickly departs on cycle termination.


If you can drink more water, then do so. Put Crystal Light or something in there to help get more down if you need it.


Yeah, will do. Thanks...


I get this from time to time- i was told it was from ketosis? sometimes its way stronger than other times.


I just switched from low carb to a goodly amount of complex carbs a little over a week ago. I never had this when I was strict low carb for 2 years (<30g/d). I may have had it while still low carb and on this cycle. I know I was sweating a lot. I just can't remember if I reeked like today (although that would be hard to forget :wink:

I upped my protein powder intake to about 6 scoops on training days.

1.5 scoops in morning oatmeal
3 scoops peri-workout
1 scoop in smoothie between lunch and dinner
1 scoop before bed

Maybe too much? Maybe all the aminos are stinking up the joint?


FWIW, I've intermittently experienced an ammonia odor under similar circumstances for a number of years. Difference is, it's apparently not perceptible by those around me. When it first started, I looked into it with a metabolic specialist MD and he really didn't have a clue... I even had another friend run an MRI on my noggin to rule out a tumor... never got an explanation for its cause.

It's definitely not the same thing as the acetone odor that diabetics experience, though. I gather that many runners experience it, and in some cases is attributed to lower carb intake, which leads to protein breakdown. That doesn't sound like the case for you, given your changed diet, just as it doesn't jibe with my circumstances.


hey man i ran into this problem a while ago, but i wasn't on anything. i asked eric talmant about it, because i did a metabolic typing thing with him. this is what he said:

i changed around my ratios (in my case, more carbs) and the odor went away.



Thanks for your valuable input. Always appreciated.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I had a bowl of oatmeal (1 cup dry oats before cooking) with 3/4 cup of mixed blue berries and raspberries, 1/2 cup 2% milk and 1.5 scoops protein powder (42g protein) about 2 hours before training and then a large banana 10 mins before training and a 1 scoop isolate shake (water only) just prior to training. I think I was well fueled.


I just read the part of your post that said you subscribe to the drink when you are thirsty mentality. I'm sure you know how flawed that statement is... being thirsty is your bodies reaction to a state of distress namely dehydration. The implication is that when you are thirsty it is to late, you are already in a state of de-hydration. This is especially important when introducing metabolism increasing substances.

Drink Often :slight_smile:



Yes my metabolism sure seems to be raging so yes adding water is definitely called for. I do drink several glasses a day following meals for example even when not thirsty.


Tren seems to have an effect on kidney function in some, this could easily account for the odour (being urea, not ammonia).
From my experience, it is usually in those who are older (40's), using high doses, or simply high dose due to lower frequency.

Several glasses a day is not very much really - especially in hot climates and especially if you are one of those who seems to react to that particular side of Tren. (Why am i not surprised you likely do?!)

For example, generally speaking 4 (250ml or 1/2 pint) glasses is just a litre, and with there being ~4 litres in a gallon, i would suggest you drink nearer 10-16 glasses with the heat, training AND the possibility of an issue with tren.

i also know that when Parabolan was more common, it was considered standard for many bodybuilders to drink more when using the drug, to 'flush out' the kidneys. How necessary this is i dont know, but BR will remember first hand i'm sure (old twat!).



Just a short note DH. Arginine is said to help with clearing urea. :slight_smile:


Thanks Brook.


Thanks Wink.


The ammonia smell is due to protein being used a fuel....nitrogen is stripped from the protein which causes a nitrogen imbalance,,,therefore smelly sweat.