Perspective on prohormone ban

The frustration of losing prohormones like Mag 10 is hard to express in words. It goes beyond supplements and gets down to larger civil issues like the government’s roll in our society, and the trade offs between our freedoms and our “safety.” I can only imagine the anger and frustration people must have had during the prohibition era when alcohol was banned and the government once again tried to save people from themselves.

This post isn’t about that though, because all the swearing, crying and bitching in the world won’t change the ban on prohormones. I just wanted to say that while the ban is misguided and wrong, none of us got into the iron game because of the supplements. While no doubt they can help take it to that next level, at the end of the day, it’s your effort and my effort that is pushing, fighting, and willing the weight for that one last rep or that new PR.

T-mag was here long before Mag 10 and hopefully it will be around long after Mag 10 goes away. I will be loyal to Biotest supplements for as long as they make great products like Grow, Surge and Hot Rox. Mag 10 was a great supplement too, but it is just that, a supplement. I hear a lot of people saying with the ban they are going to turn to steroids. That’s fine, and if your goals require it, by all means, do what you need to do, but I also hope people remember that there is more to lifting than what you are supplementing with.

Anyway, stock up, place your orders, get your shit together, etc., but also keep in mind at some point those stockpiles will run out or you may reach a point in your life where you don’t want to take the risk of obtaining illegal alternatives. At such a point, maybe your goals will have to change, maybe not, but you will have to decide why you lift in the first place and if you’ll continue to lift without the aid of prohormones or steroids.

By the attitudes and character I’ve seen on this site, I know most of us will be lifting till the day we die, but if you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, I hope somebody can give you a kick in the ass and get you thinking about why you started lifting in the first place. I doubt it was the supplements.

amen brother