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Personnel Trainer Exam?


I am planning to take a personnel trainer's exam with canfitpro next month.

I was just wanted some guidance as to what material I should cover in preporation for the written and practical exam.

As pertaining to the practical exam, I was wondering which type of training regime I would issue to the client, as I do not believe they would want a program that trains movement paterns as opposed to muscle groups.

I have the ISSA Fitness: The Complete Guide edited by Frederick C. Hatfield Ph.D.



i done mine with premier iq

we had to cover
anatomy, (muscle and bone names)

energy systems

training methods for eg rep ranges for different goals

types of movement for example plantar flexion etc

simple nutrition

health and safety cpr etc

and then take out a session. when you are doing your session, always tell the person to maintain a neutral spine and demonstrate the exercise from different angles.

use a code called nasty which is,
name the machine and muscles worked, adjust the machine,
silent demonstration,
talk them though it and then
you try it.

always talk clear too.