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Personalizing Routine

I’ve been at T-mag for a while but don’t post too often. I have a good bit of knowledge on different training and diet programs constructed by the gurus but need help personalizing a quick regimen.

Brief summary: I took a planned weeklong break from training about a month ago but school work spun me sideways. I’ve got a mesomorphic build (6’1 175, 9% bf) and make noticable gains, especially pumps, in the weight room very quickly. I’m trying to accomplish as much as possible in about a 10 day window; my overall goal is to increase LBM while maintaining/ dropping bf 1-2%. I don’t want to do anything extreme such as fat fast because I know it will leave me feeling dead during my break.

Advice from personal experience or help with tapering an existing regimen, or even combining 2 programs would be greatly appreciated.

10 days and you want to drop a couple % of bf and increase LBM… come back to reality with your goals and re-post.

You have two options 1) Steroids 2) New Goals.

Make a choice.

C’mon, surely you know better than to ask how to gain lbm and lose fat in 10 DAYS.
You said you have been lurking at T-Nation for a while, have you actually read anything on the site or do you just log on to look at the powerful images?

BTW your profile says 225lb. I am assuming you didn’t drop from 225 to 175 in that week off from training…

I don’t know too many mesomorphs that stand 6’1 at 175, that is smaller (slightly) than me and I am a skinny bugger. You may want to read recent posts (rants) by numerous T-mag regulars on already lean skinny bastards wanting to lose fat.

To paraphrase: you cannot lean down and get more definition when there are no muscles there to define.
Can I get an amen?

And no, I am not hyoooge by any means except in comparison to midget jockeys, heroin addicts and santa’s elves, so you may disregard my opinion if you wish, but I would stand back and cover yourself in preparation for the onslaught that will surely follow your post.

I am not sure even steroids will work fast enough for your 10 day timeframe. It sounds a bit like the fat girls (sorry ladies) that go and join a gym to lose 10kg 1 week before their wedding.

Actually, following that line of thought, I think I have the perfect solution: you could always try implants and liposuction.

Or, even better, I am sooooo clever, you want lots of lean body mass. By definition if you increase lbm whilst maintaining current amounts of bodyfat, your actual bodyfat % will go down. If you don’t care what the lbm is made of, you could just inject large volumes of mercury into your muscles. That should add some serious mass in no time at all, leaving you 9 days to prepare for whatever the hell it is you are preparing for.

Or, more realistically, you could follow Garrett’s other suggestion:


hope that helps :slight_smile:

It sounds like you want to look good for spring break…look at Chris Janusz’s (Swolecat) stuff. It is indeed possible to drop 2% bodyfat and hold more muscle, but you’ll only be able to maintain that condition for a couple of days at most.

Essentially, you need to manipulate your sodium, carb deplete and reload. During the depletion you train your ass off, etc… Word is, Swolecat’s stuff works; get in contact with him and, for a fee, i’m sure he’ll put something together for you