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Hello everyone, i have visted these forums and this site for a little while now and was hoping if i could get a little help.

So here’s the big questions everyone’s seen way to many times lol, I need a Work out Plan and what ever else anyone would like to chime in (i wont ask for diet or any of those due to i might get flammed hah) but there’s a catch, though i could go to a gym, i prefer not, because i have my own lil Set up here, not much, as my next question will go for that.

The Picture is a different modle i believe, but basicly the same cept like 1 bar on the frame? but it has everything it has, i also have a 300pd.Olypic Bar / weights. So here’s how i make my Question uniqe, i im hoping someone could give me a good work out plan on what i could do on that for the time being. Please do consider me a newbie.

Next, i was wondering if anyone could give me a good site to check out barbells n stuff i could add to my set up, (Ie. a site of where to get anything i would need, advice on what to get, and the price ranges from Exspensive to bein cheap Please !. Last but not least, any supplments or vitamins, etc. that anyone would suggest? Any Feedback on this would be great, and very much so appriciated. Sorry for asking the never ending question again =P


I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but no one is just going to write you up a program and say here you go. We know nothing about you; training age, goals, height, weight, age, etc… So this ultimatley leaves the rest wondering how or if we can even help you. Rephrase your question with some more detail my man. Also, there are plenty of articles on this site with plenty of different workouts that you can try out (yes, even for newbies). If anything, stick to the basic compound lifts for starters (squat, bench, deadlift, row, chin, etc).

Go Bears!

And a good point you have made xD, i guess i was in to much of a hurry last night to even think about that, sorry. Well i im 16 Years old, wiegh around high 150’s low 160’s about 5’3/5’4 (yea short =) , not fat i dont think, just no 6 pack and some stubern fat here and there. My main goal is to get Stronger, More Bulky but not tooooo much i im short haha, and to be more more cut around stomach area and well in that case everywhere (who doesnt want that?). I also know i’ve asked for alot =\ so i dont exspect to many responses, but for those who do respond my Thanks go to you 1000 times.


P.S if i left anything out, please say so. Also i know there’s lost of threads for newbies, just not sure what most things are and what i can do with the Bench that i have Specificly =\ Thanks again.

Kid, you should get on your knees and thank whatever deity you find groovy that I’m not your English teacher.

[quote]harris447 wrote:
Kid, you should get on your knees and thank whatever deity you find groovy that I’m not your English teacher.



I would try a total body routine. 3X per week. If you go to search and type in total body workouts, I believe Thibideau’s(spelling) total body routine is like the second or third one down. It is a great program. The only thing I would change would be the rep scheme for you. stick to the program but stay with 8-12 reps for now and get good at technique and get in shape. As far as eating goes, that need to be your priority. Look at the massive eating article. Good Luck!

Clearly you need to deadlift, squat, bench, row, pullup, dip, curl, weighted situps…

Going too specialized on any of them isn’t needed yet. Also don’t bother with technical olympic lifts for now. Throw in a total forearm, wrist, hand strength workout on a rest day.

Go to : Exercise Directory
to find out how to do all those exercises. You may not be able to do pullups or dips but that doesn’t matter too much.

Not sure if that is a preacher setup on that there minigym thing but don’t use it for anything except support on reverse wrist curls.

Before you start a strength training workout why not build a foundation using your own bodyweight. Instead of going into to much detail Ill just post what Alwyn Cosgrove wrote in an article he published on this site, it echoes my opinion perfectly.

?1. Bodyweight before External Resistance
I’ve said this before in a bunch of articles. Other coaches and trainers have said this before in a bunch of their articles. Yet this remains the step that most people will ignore. Regardless of your goals, one thing is for sure: You have no freaking business using a load if you can’t stabilize, control, and move efficiently using only your bodyweight!

Unless your bodyweight is way too much or way too little resistance, then there’s very little room for external loading. This is not to say that external loading isn’t important. Of course it is, but it has definitely been overemphasized.

Unless you can perform twenty pushups in good from, get your ass off the bench press. Too easy? The same rule applies to the single leg squat. If you can’t perform 8-10 good reps, then why are you using two legs to squat with external load?? -Alwyn Cosgrove

Concurrently with your initial body weight training program you need to:

  1. Develop a sound nutrition program: many articles on this site for you to read.

  2. GPP/ Work Capacity: this needs to be part of your foundation, without a solid foundation made up of GPP you?ll never develop to your full potential.

  3. Develop Core/Torso Stability and Strength: Priority number 1.