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Personalized Programs?

Hello coach,

Been a follower of your articles for years and have done many of your thib army programs and bootcamps. Had great progress on all of them and enjoyed them all. That was when I had more time devoted to training. However with my new job I am unable to have a consistent training schedule. One week I may be able to train 3x and the next 4x.

For example this week I was only able to train Mon/Thurs/Fri
Next week I can do Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sat

It changes every week. I work 13 hour days and the gym is closed when I get out of work so I am looking for something that fits my rotating schedule.

I was wondering if I where to give you my work schedule 1 month in advance, which training package would be appropriate for that level of customization?

Thanks in advance.

I’m launching the online coaching services today. I would say that the silver option is the best one as it includes a fully personalized training program which can include weekly adjustments as needed. The bronze option is less customizable although people have access to a private group with me so that I can help them with some issues they are having.

Hi coach… Are the programs for silver online coaching written by you?

Yes, it’s my system. And I’ll answer questions in the private facebook group while one of my trainers will be assigned to you for more pressing questions as I’m on a tight schedule with 2 young kids (no daycare due to COVID), business to run, articles ot write, etc.

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