Personal Websites anyone?

Does anyone have their own personal website with their training, what they eat’n’shit, pics, etc??? If yes, post a link to it as I and many others would be very interested in seeing what other people are doing and whether everything is working for them or not!

You can check out some fairly recent pics and info on me at

I have a website called The training and nutrition part isn’t complete yet, but I have pix charting my progress from 1986 to present.

Some T-dudes by the names of nate dawg and bypo have sites i think, although i’m not sure of how in-depth. I have a single page describing my cycle i’ll be starting 2nd week of jan, i’ll be posting the results i get off of it in feb sometime w/some training, eating, supps stuff.

Check me out here:

looks like hucks been spanking the monkey waaaaaay too much! LOL

Great site Ron, you’re really putting a lot of work in there and kept an amazing record over the years. Sprman66, sorry no way do I want to look like her :-). Others to have sites/ photos are MarkAUS and cam birtwell do a search on their names to get the links, also, Pete posts a fair bit as well.

my site is at we are trying to get more guys to post workouts, but people have been pretty busy lately. getting more pictures and videos up. next sat is a bench meet with several lifters who bench over 700 and close to 800. hopefully i’ll get some videos of that up soon after. no nutrition stuff - we are basically powerlifters and not as careful with our diets.

Ron-I didn’t get around to posting a while back, but I wanted to let you know that the photos in Ironman were fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Just like to mention Ron Harris’ site again…a great history of his progress over the years, and some creepy stories there (if you’re into that kind of thing). Check it out - it’s worth it for the pics alone. I also have a site, but the pics on it are a bit old. I’ll repost when I get some new ones done (although I’m a bit out of shape right now). Keep training hard…summer’s around the corner!!