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Personal Training??

So I am a premed student but after working in a hospital for well over a year i have decided quite frankly that I hate hospitals. I hate everything about them. Their smell, the diseases, the SHIT!! And i really don’t like having to work all the damn time, and needless to say doctors work quiet a bit. But what gets me the most is trying to help these patients who do not want to help themselves. I have been cussed out before by a 430 pound 32 year old fat ass women because her dinner tray was low fat, which the doctor ordered but guess who get cussed for it. Oh yeah, this same woman a little later tells me, while I am escourting her back from the comode, “You’re have to wipe my ass I can’t reach back their.” I have the hardest time not going off on these people.

They could have got into the gym just as easily as I do every day. And they come up with stupid excuses for their weight which gives me the chance to lash back " Darling I hate to tell you this but your thiroid has nothing to do with the fack that you simply consume more calories then your fat ass uses while watching tv

I am sorry I could go on for days. What I am tring to say is it is time for me to switch my major. I have three years of premed completed but I would really like to start helping people who actually want to help themselves. And I love being in the gym so what could be better then being a personal trainer?

I know a lot of my fellow T-Nationers are personal trainers so who better to ask questions to then them. what is the schooling like and how long does it take to get a PHD? Would some of my classes in premed carry over into this major? Has any one ever minored in businees so that they could open their own gym? Any insight would be greatly apreciated. Thanks guys.

The same frustrations are going to follow you everywhere in the greater medical, health and fitness fields. I believe you should finish your med school, choose a specialty limiting your hospital time, focus on your own fitness and your career.

You will have a much better life as a MD, than you will a personal trainer. (on the average) The median trainer income is a MDs play money. If you must do this, look at physical therapy, or chiropractor, or some advanced version of the personal trainer. You will have satisfaction that way, but some more of the income of a MD.