Personal Training: That Bad?

is this really that bad of a field to enter? whats so hard about it? i mean i dont expect it to be easy but the way people have been talking about it lately has me worried. this has kinda been a dream for me and all the sudden it i just crashing down.

i really dont want to go to college in the fture i cannot stand school as it is right now. i was planning on going to blue heron academy and recieving me certificate and enrolling in their Master of Martial Science degree program.

I don’t think it’s such a bad field, just be ready to be a sales person first, and a trainer second.

When you apply for being a PT like at my gym, the trainers tell me they train who comes in, who wants it, no selling involved. is this just true for this particular gym?

This was the field I wanted to enter as well,it’s why I want to go to UT(texas) or LSU,they both have good programs for it.

You’re going to have to know some sales, especially if you work at a commercial gym. The more time you spend with people helping them out, the less sales you have to do.

Once you’re good enough to get away from a gym and train on your own or at a private studio, marketing is key. If you market correctly, sales shouldn’t be a problem.

Few people walk into a gym expecting to buy training, so you have to convince them it’s worth it. At a studio, nobody walks through the door not wanting training, as long as your marketing is good.