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Personal Training Software


I would really appriciate some advice if anyone has experience with personal training software..

I am looking for something that my staff and I can use to track the workouts and nutrition of our clients.

Preferably, it would be easy to use, produce professional looking documents, and be flexible - able to add in specific exercises / foods.

Any positive (or negative) experiences?

Thanks - Dan


For stretching, VHI stretching.

Dowload the trial and you get something like 4 stretches per muscle WITH diagrams and descriptions... then you just drag and drop them into a template, print them off, very professional. If your clients need stretching, great tool



You can use Microsoft Excel to make these, and if u take the time you can make it look professional, just takes a little work.


Thanks for the suggestion - I'm downloading it now.

What I ultimately need is something more conprehensive though.



This one is unbeatable IMO