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Personal Training Etiquette

I was just thinking of a particular scenario. I’m not, but if one was a personal trainer and had a client who was reasonably attractive to him/her, and in all other circumstances could be observed as “fair game”, then what kind of etiquette would be most appropriate in this situation? What happens if one follows through with animalistic instincts here? What if the client is flirtatious?

Again, I’m not on either side of the fence here, this just seems like an interesting case in my opinion. Discuss?

My mate is a PT and he is one good looking dude too, he is banging loads of clients from 18 year olds to 40 year olds!

I think in his case its always the client that makes the first move (giving a note with mobile number etc…)

before that he is totally professional and does not get flirty.

The man is a demon, I hate him :slight_smile:

I think the morally right thing to do is put it in the butt hole.