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Personal Training Certifications


Hey all,

I'm currently looking into getting certified to start working as a personal trainer. I searched through some threads last night and checked out several of the organizations. The thread consensus from all that I read, for my purposes, is that the ISSA would be best. They contacted me today regarding my interest, and I was very impressed.

The woman I spoke to about my interest in their CFT program also recommended I follow their SPN? (Sports Nutrition certification) program in addition to the CFT. I wondered if this was a good idea or if she was just trying to be a good salesperson.

Anybody have any thoughts/experience on this?

Also, one side-question, for a CSCS certification, I understand you need a 4-yr college degree. I'm currently in a program to receive a B.M. in musical performance. Does the certification require a college degree of any sort or a RELATED (kinesiology, sports medicine, etc.) college degree?


CSCS requires a 4 yr degree regardless of major.


I've read around a bit, and it seems like everyone has their own opinions on what is the "best" cert. There are several top ones, but beyond that it varies with who you talk to.


a cert is really just the beginning of an education, and unfortunately, a recognized cert is all you need.

it's pretty sad when it's harder to be a hairdresser in this country than to be a trainer.


good hairdressers are hard to find...what does that say about PTs?..

P.S. I'm not knockin the OP or all PTs, I'm actually trying to pursue a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.


Even though I am on the low end of certified trainers, I agree with what jf said. Most of what you learn will be on your own time, I have learned more from reading thibs articles and many more then the course I took or any of the seminars I have taken either.


I completely understand and agree with everything regarding certification only being the beginning of education, but it is a pretty heavy necessity for starting work, which is what I'm most concerned about at the moment.