Personal Training Certification

I read the Testosterone recommendations for getting certified as a personal trainer… Does anybody have any information for the ACSM, ISSA, NCSA, or NFPT, such as the specific certification for being a trainer, minimum requirements, and cost?

Go with ISSA. Its easy if you have been training sensibly for a few years. You call them up or go to their website. It will cost you around $300-500 for your materials, testing and certification. You also need a CPR card. So call your local hospital or YMCA to find out when the next certification for that is. You should look into trainers insurance as well. It is around $200 per year. When I took my certification a while back, I was amazed at the questions some of the people were asking. Alot of people think its easy money. You don’t need a degree, but you need to know most of the basics of training. You’ll learn more as you go. Attend at least two seminars per year. Its a write-off anyway. You need to stay updated on all the new information, as well as different perspectives. Hope this helps. If you need anything more, just post it.

Drop them an email, and they will send you stuff in the mail. Also, ISSA will probably give you a call. Just do a search on any decent search engine and finding the sites won’t be that hard.