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Personal training certification

Any personal trainers out there? If so, what organization do you recommend becoming certified with?? I’ve read the article by Nelson Montana. I also train some of my friends already. I just need the cert. so I can get paid!

Any help is appreciated.

Try ISSA if you’re gonna get one. That’s who my former training partner is certified with, and I plan on getting mine with them in the next few mths.

If you want to do yourself and your clients a favor, go to the focus on fitness site and give Tom Purvis’ RTS courses a try. You’ll be amazed at all the damage that you think you’re not doing. You’ll definitely be a step above the rest, I chart $125/hour for a single person.

Ditto on ISSA. However, don’t think it really matters either way. In most gyms, it’s just a means to getting insured. Good luck at it.

NSCA is another good organization. It stands for National Strength and Conditioning Association. They have a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), for those who already possess a college degree (any major), and a certified personal trainer (CPT) for everyone else. They are a highly reputable organization.

NSCA, second that. ACE is a big dumb joke.