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Personal Training and Nutritional Support


Hey Guys,

I have been thinking about possibly seeking someone out that can offer me training advice and most importantly, nutritional support to match my training and lifestyle. Instead of blowing my money on pointless supps I figure it would be a far better investment. I already have all the knowledge of clean foods and macro calculations, etc and have been using them for years. I just feel that maybe working with someone else outside of my box can offer fresh perspectives and advice through their experience and knowledge. I don't want any cookie cutter programs or people that simply give you some generalized meal plan and send you packing. I want someone who works with me on an individual online basis for nutrition and training tailored to my goals and my body.

Who are some people you guys think I should look into?



Shelby Starnes and John Meadows would be the two biggest names round these parts. Scott Abel has some kind of coaching program that would be great as well.




And if you wonder "why Skip?"

Well because with him it will WORK and it will also be FUN and DIFFERENT.




Thanks for the replies guys! I will look into all of the people mentioned!


Do you know where I can get information on Skip? I tried a few Google searches but didn't pull in anything concrete. Thanks!


Also, has anyone heard any feedback on 3J's Nutrition? He's over on another board.

I also know Ric Drasin does a personal training and diet program and offers unlimited support on it. I think many of his ideas and methods would be somewhat dated but he does have a great deal of experience and comes strait from the golden era (the best bodies IMO). What are your thoughts on that?


Honestly... I think that would be a frivolous waste of money. There IS SO MUCH information to be read/found on this site alone. If you would take the time to sit down and read every article on this site, you'd equip yourself with more than enough knowledge to effectively lose fat and put on muscle. check out leangains.com / John Berardi's website. both have EXTENSIVE information in regards to nutrition and training. MORE than enough for your average fitness enthusiast to get into incredible shape. I think many have the misconception of "needing" someone else in order to get in shape. you don't.


Just type : ken Skip hill in google