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Personal Trainers?

So I’ve been checkin out T-Nation for almost a year now and I have no idea why it only came to me now that I’ve got to be a member heh.

The reason I’m posting this is in hopes of possibly obtaining a personal trainer. I was wondering if anyone here would know any trainers in the Toronto (Canada) area, that have trainers that are at least to a certain degree or as knowledgeable, experienced, and wise as many of the authors for T-Nation.

I come from a background of competative dancesport- you can check that out on Youtube to get a better idea of what it’s all about. There are great levels of strength, dexterity, agility, and somewhat flexability amongst several other things that are involved in making what I do well and successful.

I had some experience working out and with a trainer in the passed. Last year I started working out and started with a trainer right away.

My stats went up quite well I must say but of course didn’t touch many weights in my life before and definately not as disciplined. When I started I weighed in at 136lbs with a bodyfat of 15% at a height of 5’9".

At the end of that 6 months I acumulated a total of 157lbs at 12%. I must mention though, when i started training at the gym I started with a personal trainer as well, however he relocated and realistically, his knowledge seemed rather generic and not to some of the precise detail that I’ve been reading here.

Usually everytime I check out an article here there’s always something in it that blows my mind away.

When I read “5 myths of training athletes” [http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny/five_myths_about_training_athletes] I knew that I’m in great need of the kind of personal trainer I mentioned previously.

Anyhow I think I’ve spoken enough about this, if anyone could recommend what I’m looking for in the Toronto vicinity I would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks a lot.

-Good ol’ Herc.

No one has answered you - so I will give it a shot. You didn’t really say what your goal is. You are a former dancer - but are you retired or looking to keep fit between dancing seasons?
As an aside (and from personal experience) Most “trainers” know little about nothing. You would be better off using one of the prescribed programs on this site and go it alone.

look here

True, much appreciated. Just to clarify however, I’m not retired/former dancer, I’m still active. My goal was to get to approximately 165lbs at 6 - 8% b.f.