Personal Trainers Pushing Clients

For those that train people what do you do when the person you train doesn’t push themselves. For example my mom has done the same damn routine at the same resistance for two years now and never gets soar. I mean how do you get into these peoples heads that they need to bust their butts when in the gym to get results and eat right to recover properly? I am about to start training and already I realize the problems I am gonna come across, so PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks for any responses.

Hey Rob, consider yourself lucky; I can’t get my Mom out of “Dunkin Donuts!”

Both my parents have done the same routine for years. They ask for advice, and I lay out a periodized routine, but they never want to follow it. Too much effort to change. Plus, they are cardio junkies and love their spinning classes and stairmasters. They usually do weights after their cardio and then it’s only machines.
I gave up trying to give workout advice a long time ago. I find a lot of people want workout advice but don’t want to put in the effort. At least they are hitting the gym.

In my opinion you have to be honest and set things straight from the beginning - if you don’t get things sorted out then, it will be much harder later. You have to try to find out just how serious they are about working out. You should make it clear that you can help them on their way, you can guide them, educate them, motivate them, but you can not do the work for them. The result of their work will be their achievement they can be proud of and not yours. In the end you can’t force someone to do something he/she doesn’t want to do - the (commertial) gym is not a boot camp. And don’t take your mom/wife/girlfriend as an example, the closer they are to you, the harder it is to tell them what to do :slight_smile: (hey - they’re more likely to follow the advice of a stranger in the line at the grocery store than your scientific outline with 10 pages of references).

Perhaps your mom doesn’t want to get bigger, but just wants to maintain where she is. She also probably doesn’t like being sore. People who really want to increase size or resistance usually will be motivated on their own. If they just want to “tone” there’s not too much you can say. Also, many women just don’t want big muscles because they think it is a turn-off for men. Being “fit” is enough for most moms.

this probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for but THEY have to want to make the change. if they are not getting results, they will (hopefully!) get sick of ‘wasting’ their time and ask for help, or at least try something new on their own. try making a bet with her (that you know she’ll lose!)and the loser gets to make up a workout for the other person, or something like that. i’ve had experience with this stuff and the willingness of a change has to come from them. just sit by and wait for her to get bored! good luck!

well gettin soar doesnt have much to do with anything. Louie simmons said he doesnt get soar anymore-- ever-- because his GPP is so good.