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Personal Trainer Software Program

Can anyone recommend a good personal trainer software program for a small business that is affordable and does the following: schedule clients online or offline, retain training logs, input assessments, output graphs and progress to give clients, billing, appointment reminders, user profiles and information, etc.

Any advice is appreciated.


Word and Excel?

[quote]harrypotter wrote:


ohh Come on i expected you to link http://www.spirithalloween.com/images/spirit/products/interactivezoom/processed/00151241.interactive.a.jpg

Any database based program that is worth a damn is going to cost you quite a bit to get operable and user friendly. If your business is new, it will most likely be very basic. MS Office suite is where it is going to be at for a while.

Excel, Word, Outlook, Access cover pretty much all those bases.

Well, um.

Is there actually a market for this? Because I can write it.

When you ask if it’s affordable, “affordable” is affordable?