Personal Trainer Resources for Sale

I have a ton of resources for sale…all of it is in great condition first 400 bucks can take it all!!!

here is the list:

  1. Mike Boyle’s functional strength coach program (10 DVD set)
  2. Building the efficient athlete by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson (8 DVD’s and manual)
  3. CSCS certification materials (Audio CD’s, 2 DVD’s, workbook, study guides, etc.)
  4. Ultimate off-season training manual by Eric Cressey
  5. Precision nutrition and gourmet nutrition cookbook by John Berardi
  6. Magnificent Mobility DVD by Cressey and Robertson
  7. From the ground up by Dan John
  8. Sports training profits program by Ryan Lee
  9. Essentials of Strength and Conditioning by Thomas Baechle
  10. High Performance sports conditioning -Foran
  11. Jumping into plyometrics -Chu

wow, I thought someone would jump all over this…there is WELL over $1000 worth of stuff there!!!

Not one?!?! The Mike Boyle Set alone is worth 400 I think?!?!

and this is the last time I bump this for those who are annoyed!!!

How much for the CSCS?

$100 for Mike Boyle set and Cressey/Robertson set