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Personal Trainer Rates


Hello everybody!

I'd like to know how much personal trainers charge where you live.

I live in Germany. Here, the 'average' trainers charge around 60 Euros (80 dollars) per hour. The celeb trainers make 200 Euros per hour.

How much do they ask for in your country/city for
training sessions,
online training or
program design?

Thank you!


at my gym it ranges from $55-85 based upon the experience level of the trainer.

the director (national speaker/author) charges $100/session


I Train High performance Athletes, $100 an hour. I have my own fully stocked gym.
Professional/semi to Universtity, to High school

Male/female, Ice Hockey, Baseball/Softball, Box & Field Lax, Swimming, Football, Soccer, Figure Skating etc..

I do make special rates for small groups, teams etc...
(also I will work family rates and money straped athletes, they got to still train)

I also work in 3 high school sport academy's for excellence in hockey, baseball/softball and lacrosse range from $55 to $100 an hour


Thank you!

Please, everybody, post more information.


Live and train in Lafayette, La for a year now when I first started here they had no real training program in place and they had some under the table guys that were being told $25 per hour was too much.

Its been about a year now building the program and my trainers charge $30, $40 and $50 per hour and get good enough results for there clients that all of my full timers are too full to take any more clients at the time.
I charge $65 an hour and rarely take new clients.

Life is good after you build a great program built around education, experience and results.


Depends on demographic of city and how large the city is. When I was working at a gym for a city ~5,000+ people my boss was charging $33 and hour while I got paid $20 for that hour. It was basic people looking for help in training. Nothing that was elite athletes seeking trainers.


U live in Germany, I would contact C_C if I were you lol


Who please?


give credit where it's due OP

you know what i'm talking about


I'm afraid I don't.




he means Cephalic_Carnage


Good Point. I currently live/train in a kinda crummy area in Queens. Obviously I could get much more per hour if I were to drive the 20-30 minutes to Long Island for clients, but the convenience of walking to a gym a block and a half away, and not having to kick the gym owners any percentage (and getting paid in cash) is huge. Additionally, as my real 9-5 jobs pays the bills, any training, contest prep, and online coaching are gravy. That said, $75 per session or package deals (usually $250 for 4 sessions/week) suits me quite comfortably.



Do you know how much Poliquin and other coaches of this calibre charge?



How long did it take you to find space and equip your gym? That is the route I'm looking at going.


I, too, am in Germany, and yes, it would behoove(sp?) you to contact Cephalic_C. I'm going to be working here, as well. I wouldn't be concerned about Poliquin and folks of his caliber, as they've been at this for YEARS. You won't command their numbers anytime soon. On the economy, I'm looking at charging 20-25 Euros an hour, and most of my pay will be based upon what my clients can pay.

Back to studying...


Normal rates here in London are £50 - £60 an hour, think thats about 70-80 euros, not sure of the current exchange rates. I personally charge £30 per hour to train people in the park though as you dont have the ground rent issue.