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Personal Trainer On IPOD?



This concept seems interesting although it proably won't appeal much to advanced lifters...


Hmmm... seems like an interesting gimmick. I see that Charles Staley and Bas Rutten are on board.


Lol. Anything to make a buck huh? If the "Personal Trainer" is on your ipod it doesn't really make it a "personal" trainer anymore does it? The key to training is enthusiasm, techical knowledge, and providing motivation to clients. The IPOD trainer may have one element, the technical knowledge, but someone will not come in after a horrible day, not feeling great, after whatever life throws at them to meet with their ipod trainer, but they will with me.


I LOVE making bucks personally (sure beats the alternative)

In any event, while it's true that Podfitness won't be a good fit for everyone out there, it's a GREAT fit for lots more.

Podfitness has proprietary technology that is completely mind-blowing. It basically blends my vocal instructions and prompts with whatever your favorite music happens to be. Then I walk you through your workout(s). Even if you subscribe to the same workout 100 times (which you wouldn't (obviously) the experience would be a little different every single time.

Just thought I'd chime in since my name is attached to this...