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Hopefully some trainers on here will be able to give me some help with the fitness marketing stuff. This seems overwhelming as I have just transitioned to doing my own thing as a trainer vs training in a big commercial gym. Is there any really helpful methods my fellow T-Nation trainers have used with great success?



Check out the following sites:


Google "Bedros Keullian" and "Pat Rigsby"


I will say, for free content, Roman's blog is surprisingly high quality without trying to sell you shit--and that makes it honest. My girl turned me onto it and we both have a good laugh over some of the posts.

All other sites that have "pay walls" give you rudimentary, generic and boring bullshit to read, trying to hook you into a subscription. Roman just has some good shit on his site and doesn't pollute the free stuff with marketing.

To me, as someone who has researched this intensely, it means that he respects his "free" audience as much as his clients. That's good business man who can treat all readers the same.

Oh, and Roman has a GREAT post on this exact thing: fitness marketing. I'll let you find it, so you can familiarize yourself with the House of Roman (TM).


I challenge you to a Vermonster duel, sir.


The links are AMAZING!!!!


Thank you for the links john, I am taking it all in!
Ponce, Do you have a link for that post you spoke of by john? All I am finding is strength articles.


Ct. Rockula- who is that in the avatar!