Personal Trainer Certification

Okay I figure there are a lot of people on here who are personal trainers so here’s a question for you. I am wanting to get personal trainer certification and by the looks of it, there are about a billion different places that will “certify” me. Which organizations are reliable and will give me valid national certification. What kind of certification do you guys have?


Do you have a college degree? ACSM - HFI and NSCA - CSCS are the best bet there.

If not, the ISSA is the way to go. NASM is cult-like in their ways, not all of which are correct.

I’m HFI right now, getting CSCS soon (when there’s a convenient test date near by), and, though I don’t have an ISSA cert, I’ve had extensive dealings with a good number of people who are and a few of the board members (including Dr. Hatfield). They’re good people who are willing to help you out through email, posting board, etc. behind a high quality curriculum.