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Personal Trainer as a Side Job?


Is anybody here a certified personal trainer?If so please give me details on how you became one and what you used to study for the certfication test. I'm thinking about this as for like something on the side with school. I was thinking getting certified with ace. I'm really interested in this so any info will much appreciated.


ACE will get you a job in just about any health club. Be prepared to get a heavy education in liability as I hear the ACE is now formatted that way.

Use the books/study materials they send you for the test.

Find someone that can serve as your mentor, either in person or online. Someone who is established and can provide you with professionalism advice along with the training side of things.


Hey thanks!! I just read the new Alwyn Cosgrove interview and its making me wanna a try this.


For more of an idea of what's what, check out these other two interviews, also from Alwyn, coincidentally.:


I'd also take a look at this thread, where a bunch of us (trainers who're members of this forum) talk about all sorts of work-related "stuff":